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Vergeles: “Maybe we have to move our hips on TikTok so that young people donate blood”

Vergeles on the Regional Blood Donor Day. / TODAY

The Assembly of Extremadura has hosted this Saturday the Regional Donor Day

The second vice president of the Board and counselor for Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, suggested this Saturday that “maybe we have to move our hips in a TikTok video to tell young people to donate blood”, because “probably let’s not speak to them in their language.”

This was stated this Saturday during his speech at the Extremadura Blood Donor Day event, held in the Assembly and in which 16 Extremaduran donors from the eight brotherhoods in the region have been awarded.

Vergeles has highlighted that Extremadura continues to be the leader in blood donations in Spain, with 47 donations per 1,000 inhabitants last year and that in 2022 “we are going the same way”, so in the autonomous community of Extremadura “there is no lack of blood” , but in Spain, and in Extremadura as well, “we have the problem of the percentage of first donations”, collects EP

In this regard, he pointed out that in Extremadura there are between 9% and 10% of first donations, an indicator of the best in the country, but “that must be improved.” And, in his opinion, it must be done “speaking to young people in the language they have.”

In any case, he has emphasized the great work of those who donate blood and make it possible that in Extremadura, “not even in the most acute phase of the pandemic”, there is always blood available. “Here there has never been a lack of blood, so I congratulate those who put their arms,” ​​the counselor stressed.

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Vergeles was thus referring to the words of his predecessor in this act, the president of the Federation of Brotherhoods of Blood Donors of Extremadura, Jesús Domínguez, who has insisted that “we need youth, who do not want to commit too much” when it comes to to donate blood.

Domínguez has pointed out that the work carried out by the brotherhoods of donors “is not valued” sufficiently by society as a whole, he has warned that different areas of the region are becoming depopulated and that harms their work, so “we have to start to support those most depopulated areas and the institutions”, he indicated.

However, he reiterated that in Spain these brotherhoods of donors and those from Extremadura who donate blood “for good” are known, because “we are leaders in Spain and we donate blood wherever it is needed, as we have done with the Canary Islands”, he explained. .

The president of the Federation of Brotherhoods of Blood Donors of Extremadura has congratulated all the people who make it possible for them to continue “saving lives” with their gesture, like many of those present at this Saturday’s event in Mérida, because “the square meter that you are stepping on right now is a square meter of hour, because you give everything”, he highlighted.

The event was closed by the president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, who recalled that the “only event that has always been held in this chamber, despite the pandemic, has been the Blood Donor Day of Estremadura”.

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According to Martín, “the real value is not given” to what the brotherhoods of donors do “until they are not needed”, and has recognized that she lived in a delicate family situation in February and thanks to the donated blood that family member He recovered. «Personal thanks to all and to all», he has sentenced him.

The act has concluded with a family photo of the authorities with the winners of the plaque of the Federation of Brotherhoods of Blood Donors of Extremadura.

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