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Vergeles, on the use of an ambulance for a wedding: “It is outrageous, very ugly and a lack of respect for the people of Extremadura”

José María Vergeles, Minister of Health. / TODAY

It requires the company to “purify responsibilities” because “we do not deserve this when we are dedicating 47 million for an essential service for Extremadurans”

Celestino J. Vinegar

Rarely has the Minister of Health and second vice president of the Board, José María Vergeles, been seen so publicly outraged this morning in the press room of the Presidency. Vergeles has charged against those who put an ambulance last Saturday afternoon in Badajoz for a wedding ‘service’. To transfer the contracting parties without, of course, going for medical attention.

“We Extremadurans do not deserve something to which we dedicate 47 million euros (terrestrial medical transport) and with which it is falling in medical transport that someone makes this frivolous use of this service,” Vergeles cried out to questions from the journalists.


The ambulance, at the doors of the church. /


«What can a person who is discharged think, who has to go to dialysis, who has to go to oncology treatment… even if at that moment that ambulance did not need to act at that moment and was stopped. It is in very bad taste and a lack of respect for the people of Extremadura who are investing a very important part of the money destined for health to attend to the medical transport service. That some gentlemen, with our taxes, decide to allocate an ambulance as wedding transport, where are we going to arrive! What else do we have to live with ambulances, and that we grew up having lived through everything! », The counselor continued.

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Workers who put boyfriends in an ambulance could be fired

For José María Vergeles, Extremadura «does not deserve this type of show, so frivolous, so reprehensible. From all points of view, it is an experience to forget and to learn from because while we are fighting from the Junta de Extremadura, Extremadura men and women, so that we have the essential service that we need but that we have achieved with the adaptation of the contract to the decree law that the company can adequately negotiate the new collective agreement by having 10 million euros that the previous contract had.

Making this contractual modification, he added, “fighting for the rights of workers and for this essential service, that there are people who have frivolously used a medical transport, an ambulance labeled as basic life support in an act of these characteristics. .as an Extremaduran it infuriates me. As a Minister of Health, I have to demand the responsibilities that I have to demand from the company », he emphasized.

“I hope that all responsibilities are cleared. This is what we have told the company. There are private associations such as the Patient Advocate that we rescind the contract to the company. That is prevaricating because we do not have any evidence that we have to reach that degree of penalty with the company at this time. What we have is to hold the company accountable. That private association knows the steps that must be taken to terminate a public contract,” Vergeles concluded.

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