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Veronica Forque | If it seems extravagant, wait to meet his daughter Maria

María Forqué, the daughter of Verónica Forqué, in one of her images on Instagram

María Forqué, the daughter of Verónica Forqué, in one of her images on Instagram

Vero, just like that, how now you want to call the until now known as Veronica Forqué, winner of four Goyas and a person whom he now denies for being “fed up” with her, as he stated in the first program of “Masterchef Celebrity“, has become one of the fashionable television figures. And, therefore, also of the social networks.

Already in the premiere of TVE’s culinary talent show, the 65-year-old actress gave samples of the game she could give. The spontaneity, the fun language changes and the good attitude of a new person who has managed to get out of a deep crisis, positively drew the attention of the audience and the tweeting community.

The death of his brother in 2014 and the divorce of her husband that same year, the Alicante filmmaker Manuel Iborra, with whom she had been married since 1981, they left her very touched psychologically. This is how he remembered years ago on television, without erasing his sweet and iconic smile from his face, how his brother’s death was: “He was not sick, he was happy, with a lot of work … He lay down on the sofa, he made a joint and died“.

Overcome those hard personal trances, on Masterchef Celebrity he appeared as a new person and his sympathy quickly won the affection of all his companions. Vero was no longer the Verónica Forqué who starred in this moment a few months ago:

Or if? And it is that in the second delivery of the contest, after being chosen along with the also actress Victoria April As the winner of the first challenge of the night, she had to lead one of the teams in the outdoor event.

And exercising capitana proved again that it is cyclothymic, an emotional roller coaster capable of disconcerting even the calmest of his companions, displaying bad manners and a despotic attitude that led, predictably, to your team lost.

What, sarcastically, has been described by some as a new installment of “Nightmare in the kitchen”, has earned him numerous criticisms on social networks. Reactions on Twitter were immediate and even today, two days after the broadcast of the program, Verónica Forqué became trend of the moment and Twitter.

From the serious messages severely censoring his behavior to the humor, from the white to the most acidic, there is a whole spectrum of opinions right now around the veteran interpreter, who has even affirmed after the controversy that will leave Spain.

She herself later recognized that she was not lucky at all and it seems that his colleagues did not take it into account, beyond being surprised by the radical change in personality that he had shown.

Between prep and prep and before even throw food away in an outburst, Vero, who was especially primed with the Alicante couturier Eduardo NavarreteShe slipped that she had more than one boyfriend out there. And poor Arkano, who confessed his bisexuality to his countryman on television, still without having found that person he fantasizes about marrying.

But let’s not deviate from the matter: Vero “on fire”.

But what he did the most was send silence to all living beings around him, in Spanish, English or Esperanto if necessary:

Well, if you stayed like Navarrete watching the surreal scenes of that cooked …

… wait to meet the daughter of Verónica Forqué, who has undoubtedly inherited, at the very least, the natural extravagance of his progenitor.

Virgin Mary, this is how Verónica Forqué’s daughter is on Instagram

His daughter is called María and the name should not be accidental. On more than one occasion, but to cite a recent one, on her last visit to Sálvame Deluxe, Verónica Forqué confessed to smoking daily marijuana.

But back to the topic. His daughter Maria Forqué, who is an artist, introduces himself on Instagram with the provocative name of Virgin mary (@Imvirgenmaria). He has 127,000 followers in that social network, among them, curiously, Eduardo Navarrete, the main target of his mother’s wrath in the last program.

The girl is 31 years old, she studied Fine Arts in Madrid and was living in Thailand before returning to Spain seven years ago. In addition to some small interventions in the cinema, it is known for its striking performances. And it is that its peculiar image, in itself, no longer goes unnoticed:

But artistically faking your own funeral is anecdotal when you see these others avant-garde shows who has starred for Halloween:

He also announced a long time ago Onlyfans “Uncensored / Explicit Art Content Soon”:

Without a doubt, both mother and daughter, each in their own parcels, they do not leave anyone indifferent.

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