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VICKEY MARTÍN BERROCAL | This is your trick to lose 18 kilos in 6 months

Figure of Vicky Martin Berrocal has given a radical change in the last times. Had caught 18 kilos and he set out to lose them at the beginning of the year. Well, he did it and in just six months. His secret? Assume a routine and style of Healthy life and keep it in time. The designer used the social networks to show your physical change in step by step. Every so often he was uploading photographs in which he commented with his followers about his progress with the diet.

Through their stories explained to his followers each method that he used to achieve his goal. In that career she was not alone. It featured a Personal Trainer, Cristina Díaz, with whom she has taken the initiative to encourage her followers to participate in their efforts by inviting them to “train, suffer and sweat with Vicky “.

The designer confessed that she had “a toxic relationship with foodand that he used it as a reward. A very common eating disorder: “I’ve come home after a day out there and he gave me that moment, he did not give me a lettuce with tomato, he gave me a plate of pasta and to sleep, “he said in March in an interview, acknowledging that has never given special importance to size.

Vicky Martin Berrocal’s weight loss trick

The designer’s diet was not restrictive but was based on having a healthier eating, plus rich in fruits and vegetables and with several meals a day.

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In her networks, she said that she needed to do five meals a day: “The truth is that if I don’t have a snack, I get to dinner that I will eat it ‘to’! And that is what cannot be ”, he acknowledged in his stories, where he also shared with his fellow challengers some of the recipes that you have used in your day to day. Snacks ideal for those looking to lose weight and arrive more satiated at dinner, and breakfasts simple but delicious that help you have energy throughout the day.

Recipes rich in vegetables and healthy, with which to meet your goals and lose 18 kilos in six months, but also to achieve other goals. This was reflected by her coach on her social networks: “On January 6, this canyon began a challenge of training and healthy eating with us. Result? 18 kilos less, happier, more energy, better skin, better everything … Now it’s time to enjoy the holidays, stay active, rest. ”

Vicky Martin Berrocal not only has he maintained a workout routine and balanced diet, he has continued to take care of himself in all aspects of his life without obsessing with losing weight: “I have had a 40 and I have been very good and I have had a 46 and I have defended that, that is the attitude,” he said.

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Vicky Martín Berrocal vindicates real women

“I am Vicky Martín Berrocal. I have one size 42 and I have cellulite. And, furthermore, I am this … A person with a weak feeling, but with a strong character. I am complex, sometimes complicated, but with a good heart. I lose myself, but I look for myself and I find myself. I don’t know how to give myself half, I give myself completely. I will never be your half friend, nor your half love, with me it is all or nothing … I am not lying, I am not hiding, I am fair, demanding and a perfectionist. Nor do I presume what I do not have, on the contrary, I give thanks all the time for the life that I have had to live. Before I got angry very quickly, now I have lowered the volume of what I hear and I have raised the tone of what I feel. I’m not perfect but I’m real”.

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