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Víctor Font: “I expected more from Laporta”

Victor Fuente, who obtained practically 17,000 votes in the elections of the FC Barcelona that won Joan Laporta On March 7, he said he expected more from the new president and asked the board of directors for more transparency when explaining the decisions that are made. Font assures that he continues working on his project ‘Sí al Futur’ and that he is at the disposal of the Laporta board of directors to help in whatever is necessary. This is a summary of the interview with the Efe agency.

Have you ever thought that you were lucky not to win considering the difficult situation the club is experiencing? No, there are many people who ask me this. But no, precisely after all these years of work we were prepared and we had a plan in place to deal with the situation at the club. The situation at Barça was known to us and we had our homework done.

How do you rate the first 100 days of Laporta’s mandate? Surely my feeling is the one that many partners have, that we expected more from Laporta. The reality is that there are many things that had to be done and that today are still not resolved nor do we know what state they are in because it has not been explained to us. That being said, I am convinced that all of these issues will be resolved. Once the income returns with the opening of the stadiums, the economic situation can be reversed perfectly, the team will continue to have a lot of talent to win everything and I am convinced that Laporta and his board of directors will do things with transparency, explaining them to us in detail and telling us more with the partners, with Assemblies that really work and are not a paripe. If we don’t, we will have problems.

Did the Assembly look like a paripe to you? In general, the Assembly seemed to me to kick forward. Practically nothing was explained to the partners and some decisions that were said to be taken, such as participation in the Super League, were ultimately not voted on. It was a process Assembly. But I am convinced that in the October Assembly there will be an exercise in transparency, that everything will be explained to us in detail and that everything possible will be done so that the more people the better will participate. That there are only 600 delegates is a problem. And in the long term, this anachronistic representativeness model that the partners have, I hope that it will be reformed.

How do you assess that the Laporta board encouraged the delegates to approve the accounts of the Bartomeu board? It was doing the minimum necessary so that the activity could continue and kicking forward. Instead, in our first 100 day plan there was the planning to finish the due diligence before the Assembly so that it could be explained in detail.

During the electoral campaign, one of the star issues was what you named ‘Bonos Laporta’. Are you surprised that this issue was not discussed during the term? For me it is evidence that there was no plan, that they came up with little worked ideas and once they got to work I understand that they realized that these ideas did not fit. But this has happened with more things. In campaign both Laporta and Freixa had the ‘Barça Corporate’ to balance numbers and this has disappeared from the map. Messi also had to be renewed in a barbecue. It is evident that the situation was more complex than was wanted to explain.

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Are you optimistic that the problem of the salary limit will be solved in order to register Messi? 100%, I am convinced. Salaries must be cut to reduce spending. In our 100-day plan we talked about refinancing, restructuring spending with a reduction of 200 million euros in the salary bill and laying the foundations so that from next season the situation would be straightened out.

From what he has explained, it seems that he considers that the Laporta board has not been transparent enough so far. It’s not that I miss it, but I think we all notice it. There are many things that we still do not know: we do not know what the economic reality of the club is, what has happened with the Super League, the situation of Espai Barça …

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Do you think all of this will be explained when the audit is finished? Yes, but the situation the club is in was known to all of us who had worked with the will to straighten it out. And I am convinced that Laporta and his team do too. Therefore, if details are given, I suppose there will be surprising things that will generate media attention, but the magnitude of the reality of the club, the hole and what needs to be done has been known for a long time.

Does the almost 17,000 votes you won in the elections encourage you to resume the ‘Sí al Futur’ project? The project does not start or stop depending on the elections, I am a Barça patient and for many years every day I think, reflect and work for the future of Barça. Barça is part of my life and it will not stop being that way. My particular desire is to continue working as during these years, making proposals, trying to help, being available when and how necessary.

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