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Víctor Font, in the heart of the perfect storm

  • He has been preparing his project for more than seven years

  • His great assets (Xavi and Jordi Cruyff) are now the club’s heritage

  • Combat against the memory of the work that Laporta built

  • “Nostalgia against the future”, says Font to succeed Bartomeu

  • Live his first electoral campaign after a slow immersion in the culé universe

There is not a partner yet at headquarters. It’s too soon. First thing in the morning, pandemic, municipal confinement, a city trapped and detained for months by a virus that has changed everyone’s life. Him too. He is not physically there, but his image appears everywhere. A volunteer quietly awaits the arrival of a Barça fan to deposit the signature, the most sought after treasure in recent weeks, in support of Victor Fuente.

Behind a large gray curtain hides the work room of a methodical, perfectionist, obsessive and disciplined man from Granollers (48 years old), who is still not well known, despite the fact that he has been developing his project for more than seven years. Yes, seven years!

He appeared in 2003 with Soriano, was with England in 2010 and resigned to appear in 2015 before trying to reach the presidency in 2021

He is a newcomer to the top of the culé universe, although he appeared in 2003 helping to launch Laporta’s virtuous circle. But his connection was more with Ferran Soriano, current CEO of the City Football Group, with whom he had shared a professional adventure. But his contribution was so timid that he was not visible.

He has lived in Dubai for 15 years, where he had his telecommunications company, before returning to his native Granollers

In 2010, already with Marc Ingla, his name was heard more assiduously. But it had not penetrated the environment. Not even when in 2013 he goes on a date with Juli Lopez, former Barça player, brother of Gerard and Sergi, which changes the landscape. “There, in that talk, everything began,” recalls then the partner, then a candidate and next week, if he exceeds the cut of 2,257 signatures, he will already be a candidate.

The man who had been living in Dubai for 15 years, leading Delta Partners, his telecommunications company, returned to Catalonia, leaving his other home. “You could say that I live on a plane,” he recalled before returning to the Vallés Oriental, thus entering the heart of “the perfect storm.”

Elaborate work

Font has been saying for months that Barça is “in a perfect storm due to the team’s sporting crisis, the economic crisis, the future of Messi”, without realizing then that the pandemic was going to give another blacker touch to that dark scenario that shakes the Camp Nou, more than a stadium, is now a gigantic ghost, an immense and lonely mass of cement that falls in some places, punished as it is for its more than 60 years of life. He did not imagine, however, Source that he would be inside her right now, shaken by her virulence.

I had everything prepared and thought out. Everything, except that Laporta showed up

He prepared his project for seven and a half years, based on “Xavi’s talent” as a sports axis, accompanied by Jordi Cruyff in the sports direction, although the heat of the campaign turns what were “his assets” into “assets” of the club , capable of being absorbed by his great adversary in the contest: Joan Laporta.

Had Font worked everything. Everything, except that the former president attended the 2021 electoral appointment, thinking that the failure of 2015 (the trident and triplet of Bartholomew knocked Laporta down) would leave him out of circulation. And forever. In those elections, the successful businessman, who works as a consultant linked to the telecommunications, media and technology sectors, scanned the panorama and decided not to attend. Laporta did go and lost.

Laporta’s favoritism

Now, on the other hand, hooked on the memory of his fantastic work, wrapped by Cruyff and sublimated by Guardiola, the former president (2003-2010) has become a favorite. AND Source he has no work built at Barça. You have an idea. But he needs to win to capture it and he has the best candidate in front of him, who knows and dominates the stage like nobody else, who finds it impossible to keep up with him.

Errors with Koeman, Griezmann, the Spanish team at the Camp Nou and the fleeting signing of Jordi Majó have marked his start to the campaign

The campaign has not yet officially started and the “tolls”, in the form of errors, are recorded in those days of the war. Since that phrase about Koeman (“Even if he wins the triplet he will stay”) to an unfortunate opinion about Griezmann (“His signing should not have been done”) going through that politically uncorrect question (“why can’t there be a Spanish match at the Camp Nou?”) Concluding in the strange and misunderstood incorporation of Jordi Majó, that lasted a few hours in his work group, fired for some old tweets of political positioning.

Beginner mistakes made Source (It is his first campaign; Laporta has three and a motion of censure against Núñez in his record), although he relies on the “great team” he leads, made up “of businessmen who are already protagonists in the new economy” to provoke the resurgence of the Barça.

With them, he tries the most difficult yet: win over Laporta (“nostalgia against the future”), whose notoriety has returned to the best indexes with a low-profile campaign where a canvas next to the Bernabéu has already transformed him into more celebrity than what was.

It may interest you

Defeating nostalgia and stopping, in addition, the vertiginous fall of a club in self-destruction, which does not even have the money to pay its payroll, are the Everest that Font must climb. “Barça is a train that goes at 200 kilometers per hour that goes directly against the wall, with the risk of bankruptcy and financial bankruptcy”, recalls the businessman from Granollers.

Font needs to get on that train, which goes without a driver. You need to stop it on January 24 because there is no future without a present.

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