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Victoria Federica makes her Instagram account public: moments with her boyfriend and parades in Paris | People

The youngest daughter of the Infanta Elena and granddaughter of the kings emeritus, fifth in the line of succession to the throne, has always stayed away from the affairs of the Crown and has been in charge of keeping much of her privacy out of sight. Now Victoria Federica de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón has opened her personal Instagram profile to everyone, in which she has shown a little more of her life: her looks and participation in fashion events or some of her trips and images with her boyfriend, Jorge Bárcenas. A set of nine publications, with 12 photos in total, that he had never shared before in the second profile that he uses publicly – he has another one that he does not use and where he has made a live connection – and where he communicates, very occasionally, with his followers.

In the last photo she shared, the young woman appears in front of the Eiffel Tower on her visit to France after attending Paris Fashion Week. As he shares in a compilation of stories that he has left on view in his profile, he was able to attend the Dior and Louis Vuitton fashion shows, where he met the American designer Virgil Abloh, responsible for men’s fashion at the latter firm and one of the great stars of fashion in the current panorama of this sector. With these images, Victoria Federica thus follows in the wake of her father, Jaime de Marichalar, passionate about fashion and who has even worked in the world of luxury.

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Victoria is the one who has earned the reputation of being the one who breaks the rules within the family. She studies at an American university and has been seen publicly with several of her boyfriends. The one who received the most media attention of all of them was Gonzalo Caballero, a bullfighter by profession, who suffered a serious fuck in October 2019. She visited him at the hospital then and, at least for a time, they maintained a cordial relationship. Since the end of the same month, she has been dating DJ Jorge Bárcenas, a regular at parties, long plays and the most exclusive bars. In February 2020, the young couple began to publish a multitude of photos together, on trips and other common activities, on the occasion of the musician’s 22nd birthday. In fact, in some of the images on this profile they are seen together, on vacation, having drinks or skiing.

It was precisely together with Bárcenas with whom Victoria Federica lived one of her most controversial moments and for which she was forced to disappear from social networks. After the coronavirus pandemic broke out in March 2020, the couple decided to take refuge in a farmhouse in Villacarrillo, in the province of Jaén, owned by friends to spend confinement there. A large farmhouse called El Derramadero, where olives are harvested and oil is manufactured, includes among its facilities a hotel, where both of them stayed with the rest of their friends. Something that caused criticism to explode since they came from Madrid, then the main source of contagion. After the controversy, the first-born of the emeritus kings confessed to feeling “a little worried” about the situation of the boys.

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Months later, the young woman has returned to expose herself and has launched to share her most intimate moments both with her partner and friends, also showing some styles of firms such as Dior. However, the existence of his other alternative public account raises the question of which of them will be the one he will use to share his routine and interact with his followers from now on. At the moment, she has around 3,000 (and she follows around 2,000 people herself). However, if you are followed by a profile that you do not seem comfortable with, such as journalists, you have no qualms about blocking it immediately. Even so, your account remains public and therefore visible to any user.

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