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Victoria’s Secret ‘Feminist’ Rebranding Is As Flimsy As A Polyester Thong | Arwa mahdawi

Victoria’s New Secret … Now She’s a #girlboss!

It looks like someone is renovating! After a few hellish years in which sales fell, criticism and Jeffrey Epstein scandal, Victoria’s Secret has decided that it is time for a drastic rebrand. The lingerie giant is jumping on the Female Empowerment ™ bandwagon and has promised to become, hopefully, “the world’s leading advocate for women.” I don’t know about my peers, but for my part, I’m honored that a bankrupt underwear brand is finally taking over such important advocacy work.

So how exactly is Victoria’s Secret going to become the “world’s leading advocate for women”? Well, it has started by pushing a group of women aside and replacing them with other more relevant women. Goodbye Victoria’s Secret Angels! Hello VS Collective. The company has replaced its scantily-clad and dizzyingly proportioned models with seven ambassadors whom it describes as “accomplished women who share a common passion for driving positive change.” These include American soccer player Megan Rapinoe, transgender model Valentina Sampaio, and South Sudanese model and refugee Adut Akech.

No offense to the talented women of the VS collective (I don’t blame any of them for cashing a paycheck), but this rebrand feels as flimsy as a polyester thong. As many people have observed, Victoria’s Secret has not expanded its limited size range however, even though its chief marketing officer has said that it is “leaning onLarger sizes and they will happen eventually. Call me cynical, but it also seems that the company’s new direction is born out of desperation, and the need to cleanse itself of its ties to Epstein, rather than any kind of genuine embrace of inclusion. The recognition that the world has changed dramatically in the last two decades also comes ridiculously late.

Better late than never, of course. While I don’t buy the Victoria’s Secret rebrand, it’s always good to see big companies moving toward more inclusive advertising. And, to be fair, Victoria’s Secret has promised to combine its new marketing with a new direction. Its renewed board will be made up of seven directors, six of whom will be women. Of course, it remains to be seen if these women will be tokens or if they will actually have a significant voice in the direction of the company.

Ultimately, though, do you know what’s great about Victoria’s Secret rebrand? The fact that Megan Rapinoe is a new face of the brand is driving some right-wing men crazy. Right-wing podcast host Jesse Kelly, for example, had a Twitter collapse on the hiring of Rapinoe and opined that: “Nobody likes feminists. No one. Even other feminists hate feminists. They are the least attractive people on the planet. “Sorry Kelly, but multinational brands disagree.

Anyway, I really hope that Kelly and her friends will do what conservatives do best and organize a crazy boycott. I would love to see the right lit bras to stick it to feminism.

Who let the sexists out? Who, who, who, who

The World Health Organization would like all women of childbearing age to to get away from alcohol. The organization’s draft Global Plan of Action on Alcohol urged governments to pay “adequate attention” to “prevention of alcohol use among pregnant women and women of childbearing age.” Why stop there, huh? Why not prohibit all women of childbearing age from riding bicycles or driving cars in the event of an accident jeopardizing their reproductive capacities?

This is what I think we should pay due attention to: the fact that many public health messages seem to be more related to monitoring women’s bodies than anything else. The problem with alcohol is increasing among women, many of whom are consuming alcohol for coping rather than for pleasure – but this phenomenon is not resolved with paternalistic guidelines that treat women as walking wombs.

Britain’s Olympians finally get good bras

(But not from Victoria’s Secret). “There is a lot of innovation in sports gear in general, but that innovation hasn’t really carried over to women’s sports bras until now,” noted the GB team Vicky Thornley T-shirt. “I think it’s very encouraging that they are starting to think of women that way in sport, and not just treating us like little men.”

Scotland should apologize for forced adoption

An estimated 60,000 Scottish mothers were forced to put their baby up for adoption between the 150s and 80s because they were not married. In 2013, the Australian government issued the world’s first government apology for forced adoption, however Scotland has never issued a formal apology. Members of the Scottish Government I debated the issue this week amid growing demands for an apology.

Women who refuse to serve in the IDF

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been laundering women a lot lately. Several attractive female IDF soldiers have made headlines after posting weird “thirst traps” on TikTok in order to reinforce Israel’s international image. Spreading nationalist propaganda is not feminism. Do you know what real feminism looks like? She resembles Atalya Ben-Abba, a brave young Israeli who refused to serve in the Israeli army (and went to jail for it) because of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. His interview with Haaretz is well worth reading. And if you’re not familiar with the incredible story about a Taylor Swift superfan who went viral for her tweets in prison about refusing to join the IDF, then catch up here.

The week at pene-archy

As everyone knows, the multibillion dollar space race is all about innovation Y new frontiers Y Sciences. This is not at all a group of empowered men with huge egos participating in an intergalactic cock-shaking competition. Still, it’s hard not to notice the fact that the rocket Jeff Bezos travels into space looks alarmingly phallic. The hosts of the Australia’s Today show certainly caught on and ran a full news segment giggling Bezos’s massive rocket.

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