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Video: A player who savagely kicked a referee and sent him to hospital was arrested for attempted murder

Willian Ribeiro, forward of Sao Paulo Río Grande, knocked the referee unconscious.

Photo: Pedro Vilela / Getty Images

A footballer was arrested and charged with attempted murder for the violent kick he gave a referee in the neck, in a match of the second division of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which left the referee unconscious.

The police detained Willian Ribeiro, front of Sao Paulo Río Grande, early this Tuesday, after the incident that forced the suspension of the match between his team and Guaraní, played in Venancio Aires, a municipality in the interior of the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The event occurred at minute 14 of the second half, when the aggressor argued with the referee for a foul that he allegedly suffered and that it was not sanctioned.

Ribeiro will have to respond criminally for attempted homicide for the kick he gave the referee Rodrigo in the neck Crivellaro, whom he attacked when he was already lying on the grass after having pushed him violently after a first blow.

The video of the attack has become viral on social networks in Brazil.

Crivellaro, who lost consciousness, had to be removed by ambulanceia from the Edmundo Feix stadium and transferred to a municipal hospital, where your health status was classified as stable on Tuesday morning.

Ribeiro will have to remain in a penitentiary while justice decides whether to confirm his preventive detention or if it allows him to respond to the process in freedom.

“The attack was very strong, violent, and on the referee’s head, which made him faint and was taken to the hospital, that is why he can be framed for attempted murder, “he explained. Vinicius Assunçao, commissioner of the Venancio Aires Civil Police.

He also added: “The victim I had no defense conditions. He had already been beaten while standing and then fell and was unable to defend himself. He could have died or even suffered a serious brain injury. “

The Sao Paulo de Río Grande club condemned what happened in a statement and announced the immediate termination of the detained footballer’s contract.

The Rio Grande do Sul State Soccer Federation regretted what happened and said thatThe case will also be judged by the Sports Justice.

Ribeiro, 30, already had history of cases of violence on the playing fields.

The striker, who started his career in the youth divisions of the Internacional de Porto Alegre and has passed through several clubs in the second division of Rio Grande do Sul, was sent off in a match in 2014 for punching an opponent in a match between Guaraní, in which he was active at that time, and Pelotas.

He was also charged with assaulting a fan in an off-court episode.

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