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VIDEO: Biden Issues Stern Warning to Border Patrol Agents Who Chased Haitian Immigrants on Horseback: “Those People Will Pay”

There are dismissals regarding the possibility that Haitians have been attacked with whips by CBP agents.

Photo: Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty Images

President Joe Biden issued a warning to agents of the Border Patrol (CBP) who were seen last week chasing Haitian migrants on horseback with the promise that “Those people will pay”, while the investigations are carried out in this regard.

During his statements, the president indicated that it was “outrageous” have seen that episode on the Texas border, and claimed that “The horses run them over; those people are tied “, and assumed responsibility for what happened as president of the nation.

“I promise you those people will pay. There will be an ongoing investigation now and there will be consequences ”, said Biden, who also took advantage of cataloging the event as “A shame, but beyond a shame, it is dangerous.”

However, these words were dismissed by Brandon Judd, Chief of the National Border Patrol Council, which declared to Fox News, that it is wrong to reach these conclusions without first completing the investigations into the episode.

“Now that the President of the United States has said they did wrong, how is an investigator supposed to do a true and honest investigation?”Judd said. “Because if that investigator discovers that they didn’t do anything wrong, what is that investigator’s job going to be like?”, he said.

He took advantage of stating that the Democratic president’s comments were “Completely and totally scandalous”, because in his opinion, he is playing “politics” with the lives of Border Patrol agents.

For its part, Paul RatjeThe photographer of the images that toured the country assured that the agents had not whipped anyone. “Some of the Haitians started running, trying to surround the horses.”, he said in an interview with KTSM.

After these images were released last Monday, Jen Psaki, spokesman for the White House, labeled these events as “Horrible” e “Inappropriate” during his address to the nation.

“I do not think that anyone who has seen these images can think that it is something acceptable or appropriate”, Psaki said in earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, the vice president Kamala Harris maintained a position in support of conducting investigations to clarify the facts, stating that he was “Deeply concerned” for the accusations to the Border Patrol.

These alleged attacks on Del Rio, Texas, which remain under investigation, have occurred in the middle of a process of massive deportation of Haitians to their country after attempts to settle in the United States.

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