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VIDEO: Exact moment police pepper spray African American girl

VIDEO: Exact moment police pepper spray African American girl

Body camera video.

Photo: Rochester Police Department / Courtesy

Two videos of police body cameras were released showing a african american girl 9-year-old detained, handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car Department Police of Rochester, when an agent sprays a chemical “annoyingAfter disobeying the officer’s orders.

It all started after nine officers and supervisors of RPD respond to a call to a home in Avenue B around 3:30 pmlocal time) Friday for “family problems” related to a possible stolen vehicle. During the call, the girl’s mother and father approached officers and told an officer that they feared their daughter would hurt herself and others.

After running out of the house, the girl was chased by a official, which reached her. One of the videos shows the officer asking to the girl: “What is happening? How I can help?” When the mother from little girl arrives on the scene, the two begin to argue and the girl becomes more agitated.

Officers then attempted to put the minor in the back of a patrol car, at which point she stepped aside and kicked. In a statement, they said that this action “required” an officer to take the girl to the ground. “For the safety of the minor and at the request of the father,” they detailed. The girl was handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Police said the girl, who repeatedly yelled for her father during the episode, disobeyed several orders to put her feet in the car. And before this an officer of Rochester he was “forced” to spray an “irritant” on the handcuffed girl’s face.

At a press conference held by the authorities, the deputy chief of police Andre Anderson described the girl as suicidal. “She indicated that she wanted to commit suicide and that she wanted to kill her mother.”

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