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Video: Filming the “most abused white shark in the world” in Australia

An underwater cinematographer filmed the shark with dozens of scars.

Photo: CARL DE SOUZA / AFP / Getty Images

A video shows a great white shark, in the Neptune Islands of southern Australia, covered in scars and bite marks after years of battles.

The clip shows the injured shark with markings all over its skin, in an area known to be home to roughly 1,000 great white sharks.

Underwater cinematographer Dean Spraakman, who captured the stunning images during an expedition in January, said that despite his injuries, the 11-foot male was incredibly “friendly.”

He stated that the team could not be sure what could have caused those marks, as no one had encountered such a badly injured shark before. This is the video:

The “most abused shark in the world”.

Dean said they initially thought the scars could have been made by boat propellers, or perhaps, the shark had been caught in tuna pens in the area, but they quickly dismissed both theories.

“We sometimes see white sharks down there tracking stingrays because they hunt and eat them, so we think they chase them in shallow reef areas where they could get stuck and cause that kind of damage.

The cinematographer said that the white shark was very calm and quite curious. “He was very kind, very calm and did not feel aggravated by everything that has happened. He came very close, within arm’s reach; sometimes when you have a shark so close it is because they just want to look you in the eye, “he added.

A great white shark with extreme scars.
The shark was seen off the coast of the Neptune Islands in South Australia. (Photo: Sea Dragon)

Although the shark is reportedly very calm, his body tells a story of frequent fights with sharks and other creatures deep water.

“Females are often highly marked for mating behavior, but males can also be bitten during shark interactions – for example, a larger shark may overpower a smaller shark, with a non-fatal warning bite,” he said. a professor who works for National Geographic, Yannis Papastamatiou.

The Deep Blue Shark

The Neptune Islands are known as a place for great white shark tourism They can reach up to 20 feet long, like Deep Blue, the largest great white shark ever recorded, weighing 2.5 tons.

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