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VIDEO: Man surrenders who killed a dog in Argentina with a kick

The father said he regretted what happened.

Photo: @PresidioYucatan / Courtesy

After kicking a dog to death, who threw his son and was on top of him, a man surrendered to the authorities and admitted he is sorry from what has occured.

Is about Patricio Bavera, who has been harshly criticized on social media and by animal advocates, who demand justice for the dog that died after being kicked.

The events were recorded a few days ago in the Argentine city of Río Cuarto, in the fast food area of ​​a shopping center, where Bavera was distracted for a few moments, while talking with one of his friends and suddenly he heard the screams of his son and the barking of the dog.

The father saw that the dog was on top of his son

And he did not hesitate to run to where his son was, who at that moment was under the dog, So without thinking he ran and kicked the dog, which was later identified as “Gringo.”

The event was recorded in the security cameras of the shopping center and that has been shared on social networks, where a rain of criticism was released against the father.

After receiving the kick, “Gringo” He took a few steps to seek refuge and moments later he died, some witnesses to the events said.

Deadly kick

According to a vet, who came to check on “Gringo”, the dog died from the strong kick, since according to the specialist, the man kicked him in the spleen, an important organ that maintains the balance of fluids.

In the images I know that the little one and another minor are close to the dogEven, apparently, the child under three years old caresses the dog, but suddenly the situation changed and the dog was already on top of the little one, so he began to scream.

And immediately afterwards the father ran to where the little one was and when he saw that his little one was under the dog, his first reaction was to give him a strong kick to scare him away from the child.

He ran towards his son when he saw him in danger

But Bavera, he never thought that kick would be deadly to the dog.

There are several versions of the events and all of them point to defending the dog, since some witnesses claim that the minor was playing with the dog and was even bothering the animal.

Others claim that the dog did not represent any danger to the child, despite the fact that it climbed onto the child’s body.

They insist that the minor was never in danger with “Gringo”, but the father had another perception and reacted by hitting the dog.

Father regrets what happened

Given the rain of criticism that the minor’s father received, he decided to surrender to the authorities and clarify to the press that It was never his intention to kill the dog, and that his reaction was only to save his son, since he saw that he was in danger.

“I’m sorry for the dog’s death, I never would have wanted that to happen. But I also wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten the dog off my son. I admit that my reaction was wrong, unfortunately I hit him in a fatal place, but it was two seconds. Of course I am sorry, “said the father of the minor before the media.

So far, the authorities have not set any type of accusation against Bavera, but If prosecuted and found guilty, he could face a prison sentence for animal abuse.

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