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VIDEO: Moving reunion between a Montana man with his dog who got lost in the snow for a week

The 7-year-old dog only had a wound on one of its legs.

The 7-year-old dog only had a wound on one of its legs.

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An emotional moment was lived in Montana after a man was reunited with his dog after being lost a whole week, moment that was recorded by his daughter.

The 7-year-old dog named Salty has been cared for by 68-year-old Roger Jacobs since he was a puppy, he was even trained to accompany him on hunting occasions; However, when the door was unlocked on Dec. 22, Salty unusually escaped, reported Fox News.

Becky Anderson, who is the daughter of Jacobs, told SWNS that the Christmas holidays for his family were overshadowed by Salty’s absence.

“We spent day and night driving looking for her, we tried to trace her tracks in the snow,” Anderson said. “Initially we thought he was chasing deer and then he disappeared, as my father would describe it, ‘he was shot in the stomach.’

But a week after escaping, a family friend called Anderson to say he thought he saw the dog across the Yellowstone River.

“I did my best not to get my hopes up, especially knowing that Salty had been gone for a week in freezing temperatures,” said Anderson, who drove with Jacobs to check it was the dog.

Upon discovering that Salty had been found, Anderson explained how she and her family felt, and said they were able to recognize the dog with their eyes.

When we stopped, the three of us shot out of the car jumping up and downAnderson said. “With one look we knew it was her.”

Anderson added that he filmed the moment Salty and his father were able to reunite after the family friend let the dog out of his car, recounting how Jacobs felt.

“My dad was blowing his whistle until he could see it,” Anderson said. “You can see him putting his phone in his pocket, putting on his gloves, and falling to his knees with tears of joy.“.

Anderson acknowledged that although Salty is out of danger despite spending a whole week exposed to very low temperatures, he had a wound on one of his legs and some ice on them; he also lost some weight.

“The wound on his leg is healing very well and he has settled back into his normal lifestyle,” Anderson said. “He lost about 10 pounds from the ordeal, but other than that, you would never know something happened to him.”

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