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Video: Neymar fulfilled a dream to a Colombian boy and came out applauded

Brazil could not get past the draw in their match against the coffee growers.

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Neymar Jr. he has been widely criticized throughout his career. The Brazilian footballer has been branded as a “Brat boy” at the Paris Saint-Germain and has even been constantly insulted by Brazil’s own supporters. Another chapter in history “They love you more than in your own country”. However, the “Canarinha” player starred in a great gesture with a Colombian child.

Brazil was going to play against Colombia for the Conmebol Qualifiers. The arrival of the Brazilian to the coffee country drew the attention of thousands of fans. Among those who approached to see the player leaving the hotel there was a boy who was able to fulfill his dream and take a picture with his idol.

Neymar Jr. had the gesture of waiting for him and photographing himself with the little one. This scene was applauded by those present and celebrated by the boy’s father.

After this gesture of the Brazilian star, his father took it upon himself to send a message to all his son’s detractors. Through social networks, the father of “Ney” published the famous photograph with a great text aimed at those who criticize the PSG footballer.

The message from “Ney’s” father

Masked, spoiled, fallacious and now idiot. The first three adjectives don’t bother us, silencing has always been perhaps the best answer. But I want to talk about the ‘masquerade’. Yes, he wears a mask. A mask of prevention, protocol, health and what else to speak of these new times. (…) My son posed for a photo with a child, pressed his face to his, even risking criticism for removing his mask. But what now? Where is the respect for the human being, for the eternal photo in an ephemeral life … the unique opportunity for a fan. Yes, my son is masked and whatever you want. But idiot? No! He is the hero. A hero without lies, who faces his story head-on, without looking for cowardly shortcuts, without being a traitor. Come on son“.

I am so proud of you! I am a father, a fan and everything that can be for you. God will always be in control“Wrote Neymar Jr.’s father.

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