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Video: NFL star appears armed while saying that someone tries to enter his house to kill him

Everything seems that Everson Griffen is dealing with mental health problems again.

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Chilling, this was the episode he starred in this week Everson Griffen, defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, on their social networks.

Last Wednesday, the NFL player published on his Instagram stories a series of videos in which He appeared armed, arguing that someone was trying to enter his house to kill him.

“I am at home, someone tries to kill me. I still have cartridges. I got my gun, a .45. I bought my bullets in the city. Dalvin Cook (Vikings running back) helped me buy this load. They belong to me, I have my records; I have the card with which I bought it, I have everything, ”said Griffen in the video.

In addition, in some messages he exchanged with a user, the defensive end stated that he feared for his life: “I need help. Call 911. Someone wants to kill me. Hi, I need help. Please help”.

Police and Vikings statement

The Minnetrista Police, city where the griffen dwelling, he issued a letter in which he announced that he went to the player’s residence and did not find any intruders.

“The forces of the law have the certainty that Griffen is alone at home, and will continue to resolve the situation. There will be no more comments for now “, the circular reads.

Subsequently, the Minnesota team sent a statement to inform that they sent team representatives, including mental health specialist, to treat Griffen.

“Law enforcement agencies informed us that Everson Griffen left his home without incident, and you are getting the care you need. We are grateful to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, the Minnetrista Police Department and the Orono Police Department for their quick response and dedication, to ensure that the situation ended peacefully. Our focus remains on the Everson health and safety, and provide appropriate resources for him and his family ”.

Everson Griffen: a mental health problem

This is not the first time Everson Griffen, 33 years old, stars in a episode related to mental health.

In 2018 he was separated for a month from the Vikings. Even, your partner asked the police for help.

In the aftermath of the incident, the defensive end entered a rehabilitation home and missed the last five games of the season.

In April 2019, he stated that he suffered a “Hard year”, in view of its complications of mental health.

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