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VIDEO: Outrageous, woman beats blind child in Mexico

The woman hit and dragged the minor, who is apparently blind.

Photo: @Ro_Monster_ / Courtesy

In social networks, a video has been viralized that has caused outrage among Internet users, because in the images show how a woman beats and mistreats a child, which apparently is blind, as he holds in his hand a support cane, the kind used by blind people.

The facts were captured in a subdivision of the municipality of TonaLá, in the western state of Jalisco.

In the images the child is seen alone, standing in a part of the subdivision, and he does not move from his place, everything indicates that he is waiting for someone.

The minor is beaten by a woman

The minor wears black pants and a gray sweatshirt, whose cap covers his head and remains standing, in the video he is seen from behind.

While in the distance you can see a woman, dressed in black pants and a red blouse, heading towards where the child is, but her way of walking and moving her hands indicates that she is upset.

Since being close to the child, approximately 10 years old, the woman stretches her right arm to pull the child, who falls to the floor because of the violent way in which the woman pulled him, who is unknown if it is his mother, or what relationship is with him.

Woman drags minor who apparently is blind

And not satisfied with throwing him to the floor, where there is a small step, the woman drags him to go with her, the way he arrived.

The minor tries to rejoin, while the woman continues to pull him forward to keep up with her, and when he finally succeeds, the woman continues to attack him and again the minor falls to the floor.

On this occasion, the woman stops and helps him to rejoin, but he pulls him by the sweatshirt so he can pick him up.

Subsequently, the woman begins to walk and it is seen that she is moving her hands, showing that she is angry and is scolding the child, who is a little behind, which angers her even more and when she realizes that the child was delayed, he pull.

The blows don’t stop

The woman never tires of pulling him and hitting him on the head.

In the video it is seen that the minor is passed on and continues to scold him, then the camera no longer manages to record them.

But at no time did the aggressions against the minor by the woman cease.

The video quickly became viral on social networks, and provoked the outrage of Internet users, who immediately asked the Jalisco authorities for legal action against the woman for the abuse of the minor, who also apparently is blind.

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