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Video: Peru missed an incredible goal one meter from the goal and ended up being thrashed by Brazil

Peru lowered the level in the second half.

Buda Mendes / Getty Images

In janeiro river, Peru got their revenge against Brazil, but the group led by Ricardo Gareca did not end as expected. Alex Valera committed the failure of the Copa América -and perhaps of the year-, and the “Canarinha” pressed on the closing, to conclude with a win (4-0).

With the game 2-0 in favor of Brazil, forward Alex Valera found a perfect ball to send to save. It was not complicated, he was alone and in front of the goalkeeper Allison, whom he had …one meter!

But he sent her to the clouds. He did not set his foot to finish and sent a missile that incredibly did not pass even close to the goal.

At 12 ′, Alex Sandro concluded a good collective play to open the scoring. Everything started badly for Peru, who stood up until one of the geniuses of world football appeared.

Al 68′, Neymar a powerful and corner shot was pulled from his sleeve that Pedro Gallese could not stop. With the goal he approached Pelé on the list of top scorers in the history of Brazil. It will take nine more points to reach it.

Brazil’s beautiful game reached its peak in the last minutes, against a more disorderly Peruvian team. The spaces appeared and were not wasted. Éverton Ribeiro made it 3-0 at 89 ′.

To end the task, Neymar reappeared to create opportunities. Richarlison was the one who had his moment of glory in the game. In two times he defined for the final 4-0.

The Copa América did not start well for Peru, which will face Colombia in the next round, scheduled to be played on Sunday, June 20.

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