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VIDEO: Police destroy memorials of Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright

VIDEO: Police destroy memorials of Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright

Photo: Video Capture davenewworld_2 / Courtesy

In social networks they denounced that police officers from California “Destroyed” the memorials in honor of Adam Toledo Y Daunte Wright, Hispanic minor and African American who died at the hands of cops, and events that have unleashed a series of protests against the way of acting of the officers towards the racial minorities.

In the scenes a official that removes the memorials placed on the street, while a young woman records him and asks him why he removed them if they were in a place publicHe also told him that he should have some respect for victims of police abuse.

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Then the indignant woman asks for her identification number and the officer tries to get away from the young woman and walks towards his patrol where another officer is waiting for him.

Despite the fact that people continue to record them, the officers continue to remove the candles, photos and posters that refer to Toledo and Wright.

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It is not the first time that a memorial is destroyed because this week, they also denounced that in The Angels, one placed in honor of Daunte Wright was destroyed by the right-wingers and supremacists Lucas Reese Isturiz, Angie Chang, Kennedy Lindsey Y Tracey (whose last name is unknown), they denounced on social networks.

Videos of the former president’s fans circulated on social networks Donal Trump when they destroyed the memorial, blowing out the candles and smashing the photographs in memory of Daunte Wright who died at the hands of the police.

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The Daunte and Adam cases

Daunte Wright, who was shot by the agent Kimberly Potter In the middle of a traffic stop at Brooklyn Center, he had a criminal case opened for an alleged armed robbery attempt.

Potter fatally shot the boy while allegedly mistaking his pistol taser with the fire in the middle of a traffic control. Images of the body cameras evidenced the moment in which the agent expresses: “Shit, I just shot him”, while the car driven by Wright drives away before crashing.

While the Toledo case was revived after images were released from the body camera of the officer who made the detonations, the moment he leaves the police patrol and begins to persecute Adam Toledo in the alley, while he was chasing him, you can hear him yelling at him to show him his hands.

When Adam He turned around and with his hands raised and unarmed, the officer still shot him. Thus, he threw down the argument of the police that maintains that Toledo stopped and while he turned around he raised his arms with a pistol in his hands.

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