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Video: Premier League player arrested for ruthlessly beating a person

The club began its own investigations to find out the causes of the incident.

Nathan Stirk / Getty Images

A footballer from the Premier League was arrested by the British authorities after assault a person who played a prank on the player. Oliver McBurnie, forward of Sheffield United, was captured by a camera and was portrayed in the video just at the moment when he begins to hit the passerby. Presumably the person would have played a joke on the footballer on the relegation of his team in the first division of England.

British county authorities of North yorkshire Scottish international Oliver McBurnie was put behind bars. The evidence was provided through a video that went viral on social networks in which it shows the footballer beating a person who was passing through the area without contemplation.

According to reports from the English medium The Sun, Elliott Wright was the victim of the assault. This person reported that the forward had an argument with a local woman. In this sense, Wright decided to approach the footballer with the intention of reassure the player and calm the situation playing a prank on him, which had the opposite effect on the Sheffield United player.

“We were walking and I saw him arguing with a girl. I was with two of my teammates and he was getting a little aggressive and a little loud. I told him relax, that nothing can be worse than descendingElliott Wright explained. However, this comment unleashed the forward’s ire. “It seemed fine at first. He was saying to put our phone away. Y then it hit me. He has hit me a couple of times and one of my teammates took him away from me”, The victim explained to the British media.

Wright reportedly suffered several injuries to his face from the beatings. Faced with this situation, the city authorities have begun investigations into the fact to determine the sanction relevant to the striker of the English club. For its part, Sheffield United would also have assured that it began internal investigations to understand what happened to its player.

It is worth mentioning that three days ago decreed the mathematical relegation of Sheffield United to the second division of England. After experiencing a great campaign in 2021, poor results led the club to lose the category. Wolves was the team that decided the fate of this club that will accompany him Fulham and to West Bromwich Albion to the silver category of English football.

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