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VIDEO: Racist calls restaurant employees illegal and demands their Green Card from Mexican

VIDEO: Racist calls restaurant employees illegal and demands their Green Card from Mexican

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On Florida, a man racist apparently drunk, assaulted a mexican from third age (who according to the reports suffered a panic attack due to this episode) and the employees of a restaurant, called them “illegal” and demanded that they show them their documents that guarantee their stay legal on state United.

According to the complaint, the subject was insulting people inside and outside the restaurant.

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The video begins with the subject arguing with the woman outside the food court. The Mexican recorded it to show it together with the license plates of her truck to denounce it.

-I want to know why you … why do you continue to “interfere” with the citizens of the United States, are you not from the United States, or are you a citizen of the United States? state United, where are you from?

-From Mexico City

-You are not one of the state United

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-Why did you come to the restaurant? Why did you come to the restaurant, why did you come to the restaurant …

-Because you … Look at those bicycles, you don’t live here, where is your United States identification, do you have a Green Card?


– Show me

-Why are you asking me?

-Because you walk through our schools

-It’s not your problem

-Yes, yes it is my problem, I am a citizen of the United States, I do not like that you drive through our schools and also that you receive money that you have not earned, not even … can you speak English?

-Yes sir,

-Who do you work for, who do you work for, the United States?

-It’s not your problem

-Yes, yes it is my problem

-If you come to our country and “take” from our children

-I don’t know why he tells me that shit, he’s crazy

According to the complaints, this subject insults and threatens restaurant employees near the place where he lives in Florida.

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