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VIDEO: Shooting at a Pennsylvania shopping center left several people injured

Police officers reported that two people are in custody.

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An episode of terror was the one that was lived this Sunday afternoon in Pennsylvania, when a shooting was staged inside a Mall that so far has left several wounded.

According to the Lancaster Police, city of Pennsylvania, the shots began to be heard in the Park City Center near the 2:30 p.m. and that some people inside the compound received gunshot wounds.

However, they did not specify the number of victims of the shots, but the injuries caused would not have fatal consequences.

On the possible suspects of the shooting, a sergeant testified to The New York Post that two people were in custody, adding that the tense situation was able to calm down around the 3:00 p.m.

In a 10-second video posted by a Twitter user who was in the vicinity of the place, You can hear how the person screamed in terror when a shot was heard.

The video that was titled as “Shooting at our local mall today”, It also shows a woman falling to the ground in the corridor of the shopping center while other people ran out scared to find a safe place to take shelter.

For his part, a shopping center employee told ABC27 that at the time of the shooting, the employees were told to run to the back room and moments later they were evacuated from the scene.

A representative of the subsidiary Brookfield Properties, owner of the shopping center, declared to CBS3 on the complicated situation experienced in the afternoon and thanked the security agencies for acting quickly.

“We are saddened and angry about the unfortunate and isolated incident that happened at our mall today. This is ongoing research and we need to direct it to our partners in the Lancaster Police and the Pennsylvania Police Department. We appreciate your quick action to contain the situation. Our highest priority at this time is the well-being of our guests and tenants, “he said. Brookfield Properties.

While the investigations continue, it was announced that the shopping center will remain closed until Monday, October 18 in the morning. Agents asked citizens to stay away from the scene.

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