Wednesday, February 21

Video shows Draymond Green punch Jordan Poole during Warriors practice

One day after the Warriors attempted to put the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole practice altercation behind them, video footage of Green’s punch went public.

The now viral video obtained and released by TMZ Friday morning shows Green and Poole apparently matched up in a drill or scrimmage inside the Warriors’ Chase Center practice facility on Wednesday.

As Green walks to the 3-point arc in the 57-second clip, he and Poole appear to be talking to one another, though it’s unclear what was said as there’s no audio with the video. For several seconds, with Green outside the arc and Poole on the baseline, the two continue speaking, though they aren’t looking at one another.

Green then walked toward Poole and the two keep talking until Green bumps Poole in the chest. Poole pushes Green back with both hands, then Green lunges to take a swing at Poole. Green grabs Poole as he staggers backward and both players run into the wall behind the baseline before staffers step in to pull them apart.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, coach Steve Kerr and star guard Steph Curry spoke Thursday about the incident after news broke Wednesday night of potential discipline for Green.

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