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VIDEO: Subject with a skeleton mask tried to rape a student in California who was a black belt in karate

The teenager used her karate skills to try to get out of trouble while she was helped by two companions.

Glenn Chapman / AFP / Getty Images

Orange, California, police arrested a person who allegedly attempted to sexually assault a college student. Chapman University, who claimed to be a karate black belt.

The suspect identified as Dalante Jerome Bell, 22, a native of Anaheim, was arrested and booked into the Orange County jail for the crimes of assault with intent to rape.

“We will not tolerate this type of heinous criminal activity in Orange. We hope that Chapman University students and staff and Orange residents can regain a sense of security knowing that this suspect has been arrested, and we are confident that he will be held to answer the charges. “reported Dan Adams, chief of police.

This event occurred around 12:40 am (local time) on Friday, when the student was sitting at a picnic table outside her bedroom at Henley Hall. She was talking to her boyfriend, who was in Hawaii, when the subject attacked and attempted to sexually assault her.

He punched me in the face, and I hit the trash can behind me. “, said the victim, who is in his first year at the University and preferred to keep his identity anonymous, reported Fox 11.

The 18-year-old said that she had 12 years of experience in karate, and was also a black belt, she used her fighting skills to be able to counterattack the aggressor. “Somehow, he got off of me, and I chased him upstairs while cursing him.”

The victim reported that the assailant wore a skeleton mask during the attack. “At first, it reminded me of” The Scream “(Edvard Munch’s historical work), more or less, because the eyes looked faint”, he said. “I couldn’t see any eyes, I specifically remember the part of the skeleton at the top.”

This incident caused two companions named Michael Zapesotsky y Joe Hoodenpyle, who were also in first year, noticed the screams and immediately ran to help her.

They reported hearing screams outside where they were staying, and sensing the seriousness of the situation, they jumped out the window and ran to the place where the girl’s screams were heard.

This episode has served as an alert for county officials, forcing them to take measures by expanding security personnel to prevent another similar episode from occurring on campus. KTLA.

“There will be at least two or three additional public safety personnel throughout the weekend, specifically focused on this area, because we want high visibility.”said Randy Burba, the university’s chief of public safety.

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