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VIDEO: The disturbing moment George W. Bush learned of the 9/11 attacks at an elementary school

The president’s puzzled look seconds later was evident to those present.

Photo: Paul J. Richards / AFP / Getty Images

The twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11 left countless stories and anecdotes that will be remembered throughout the years. One of the events that has attracted the most attention around 9/11 was the reaction of the then president George W. Bush when they informed him about the attacks on the country.

During the fateful day, the president prepared to visit the school Emma E. Booker Elementary School, in Sarasota, Florida, to promote its educational reform and share with campus members, faculty, students, and other members of the educational staff.

Things went smoothly that morning for Bush in the high school second-grade classroom. The 16 students who were there looked at him carefully while he was interacting in a fun way.

Seconds later, he was approached by the White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, who whispered the unfortunate events in his ear. For the next 38 seconds his gaze was lost. A different countenance was noticed as he bit his lower lip and sought to look at the journalists who were there.

“He petrified, tensed and barely moved a muscle”, were part of the descriptions of what they saw of Bush at that time, while the teacher Kay Daniel, who was next to him, said that “After Card spoke to him I asked myself, ‘what happened? did I do something wrong?'”.

Next, Bush took a book and pretended to be reading with the children, but the lost look was still noticeable. He proceeded to congratulate the students on their reading progress. After a few minutes the class was over; the president retired to the school library, where he would give his first speech related to the terrorist attacks.

As a result of the attacks, 2,753 people were officially registered for the attacks on the twin towers, and another 184 in the Pentagon, which was hit by American Airlines Flight 77 that departed from Dulles, Washington, with its initial destination to Los Angeles and transported 59 passengers and crew that ended up being victims.

“The victims were in airplanes or in their offices; secretaries, businessmen and women, soldiers and officials; mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors. Thousands of lives were suddenly destroyed by despicable acts of terrorism “, Bush had declared after the attacks attributed by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

Subsequently, these acts led to the war in Afghanistan that began that same year and officially culminated on August 30 with the withdrawal of troops for the subsequent Taliban invasion of that country.

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