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VIDEO: The words of ‘Canelo’ Álvarez that motivated Atlas to win the championship

‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Eddy Reynoso had an important role in the Atlas title.

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José “Pepe” Riestra, executive president of Atlas, current champion of the opening tournament of Liga MX, announced that the Mexican boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, was key to motivating the team prior to the final against León, in which they became champion of Mexico after 72 years.

Riestra commented that there was a moment prior to the final, in which both ‘Canelo’ Álvarez as his coach Eddy Reynoso, had an important role in one of the locker room talks, which served to bring out the winning spirit of the players and guide them to the conquest of the title.

“We had an extraordinary talk with Eddy (Reynoso), ‘Canelo’s’ coach, before the final against León, where he talked about how they prepare and the difficult times they live. But I think that the climax of the talk was when ‘Canelo’ interacted with us and said ‘gentlemen in life there are opportunities to transcend and there is only one, the champion’, and I think that’s where the team fits in and says ‘it’s time to be champions’, said Pepe Riestra in El Podcast del Rojinegro.

“We got out of that conversation and that confidence was breathed, that situation of ‘we are going to be champions’, And I think those are the points where, already in the league, they changed us and gave us that morale and that situation to be able to break 70 years (without being champions)”, he added.

In this sense, the manager narrated part of what he felt in the locker room of the rojiblanco team during the matches that took them to the final that they later won and achieved the historic championship.

“There is a moment when one reaches the final and knows that there is no other choice but to win it. I think there was no margin here, I think that if things had not happened, It would have been difficult to lose her after 32 years of not arriving, 72 years of not being champion and I think that was the point, that’s where the team clicked and said ‘yes, it’s time’” he said.

Finally, Riestra recalled a moment in which he revealed a fact to the players about the number of people who had not seen the team crowned champion, which according to the director, caused an important positive reaction in the protagonists of the game.

“I remember after finishing the game with Pumas and being in the locker room with the players and telling them ‘there is a fact that really catches my attention, Do you know that in Jalisco we are 8.4 million inhabitants of which 7.9 have never seen the champion Atlas?, that data sows”, he expressed.

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