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VIDEO: They capture a mass shooting outside the Dos Bros Mexican restaurant where 10 were injured in New York

VIDEO: They capture a mass shooting outside the Dos Bros Mexican restaurant where 10 were injured

Photo: Video Capture Chief James Essig / Courtesy

Two armed men followed by accomplices who were driving motorcycles shot 37 times and wounded 10 people in Queens in a “coordinated attack,” according to police and a recently released video of what happened Saturday night.

The attackers turned left on 37th Avenue in Corona and drew their pistols, pointed their guns at a crowd and began firing at the group in front of the Dos Bros Mexican restaurant and the video of what happened was published by the New York police. York.

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After shooting the male attackers fled.

“It’s quite disturbing,” Chief of Detectives James Essig said of the video of the attack at a news conference.

“Two guys just stretched out their arms and walked down a very busy street at 10:30 pm (local time), where there are parties, restaurants … streets full of people.”

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“After they fired at least 37 times, they calmly got on the motorcycles and launched (…) a brazen and coordinated attack.”

Among the 10 victims, seven were collateral targets and three are from the “Trinitario gang,” a Latino criminal gang, Essig said.

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“There was a party at a restaurant just a few stores away,” he noted.

The police officers still do not know the identities of the attackers and do not believe that the party inside the restaurant is related to the shooting.

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Officers said they found 37 shell casings and three misshapen bullets at the scene.

Eight men and two women were shot, although all the victims are expected to survive because the injuries are not serious.

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