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VIDEO: They intimidate a tenant into leaving the house for rent debt

The family did not have the money to complete the rental debt payment.

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A video reviewed by Mundo Hispánico this week shows the moment when an alleged lawyer evicts a tenant from a house because I was not complying with the rent payment.

Although it is not clear where the video was recorded, it is believed to have been in Mexico. The exact date is unknown.

In the recording, the lawyer is heard when she tells the inhabitant that she only has two options: pay the debt or leave the space.

The resident, who looks puzzled, can hardly question the woman’s allegations as she won’t even let her speak.

“Everything you tell me you already know is unnecessary because they are extrajudicial settlements,” says the lawyer.

“If for any reason you prevent me from accessing the home, I will have to transfer you to the Public Ministry,” adds the female who addresses the tenant as Doña Juana.

When questioned by the resident to explain what the authorities had agreed on, the other responds:

“It seems that I am not giving myself to understand what you have arranged, what the ladies have arranged with the lawyers, that does not interest us as authorities, this servant or the officer. The only thing I want is to come and fill out an order, and in this case, the amount of 6,000 pesos is being asked ”.

To this, Doña Juana replies that she does not have them.

Officers proceed with order to seize property

The authorities then inform him that they have to proceed with the seizure order and take some assets from the residence to fulfill part of the claim.

Another man intervenes to point out that the family has eight days to answer the demand that implies a debt of 44,000 pesos. At this point in the diligence, the woman began to cry, puzzled by not knowing what to do.

An individual, who appears to be Juana’s husband, asks the lawyer to show you the order to enter the propertybut they neither show you the document nor give you a copy.

Finally, the authorities enter the house, and take a computer and other goods.

Users on social networks questioned the lack of formality of the people who came to the house.

“Gentlemen, these are thieves, where is the court order, know your rights,” one shared in response to the Facebook video.

“You can sue them because did not show you the court order and signed by the judge to be able to carry out this procedure of the objects… “, stated another.

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