Friday, October 15

Video: This was the emotional celebrations of Mexico when they received their bronze medal in Tokyo 2020

The Olympic cycle of The Tri with a bronze medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by beating Japan this Friday in the match for third place on the podium and it was this Saturday that he received his award after playing the final.

Mexico waited for Brazil and Spain to define who was going to hang the gold medal for them to enter the final scenography that was put together at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. The South Americans had to appeal for extra time to beat the Iberians 2-1 in a duel with variants.

The festivities began on the way from the changing rooms to the playing field. There the Brazilian delegation ran into Mexico to go out to find their place on the podium. Dani Alves, excited to win his historic 43rd professional title, greeted each of the Guadalajara players.

And the most awaited moment arrived for a delegation that fought until the end and managed to return to Mexico with a prize. They shook off the hard blow that meant falling on penalties against Brazil on penalties and went without fear against Japan. That effort was reflected in a bronze medal.

As was customary in these Tokyo Olympic Games, the medals were not awarded by any person from the International Olympic Committee or Japan. Each player took a medal and hung it on the partner next door until they were finished.

Jaime Lozano announced that he will not continue in charge of Mexico’s Olympic team for Paris 2024, but left with a balance of four wins (France, South Africa, North Korea and Japan), one defeat (Japan) and one draw against Brazil who later lost in the penalty shootout.

That is why, together with his coaching staff, he celebrated the obtaining of his award, the result of a work of several years to reach the Olympic Games.

Uriel Antuna made use of technology to communicate with his family by video call and proudly show them what in a few hours it will take them: a bronze medal at the Olympic event.

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