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Vilajoana proposes an alliance between Barça and an MLS franchise led by Messi

  • The BAVIa candidate wants to propose to the Argentine aDelays agreement that includes the option of fulfilling his dream of p,ying in the USA

  • Vi,joana ,unches the idea of ​​p,ying in the Johan Cruyff stadium or in Montjuïc with extra stands while the Camp Nou is remodeled for two years and thus saving costs

The candidate for the presidency of BAVIa, Xavi Vi,joana , has exp,ined the patrimonial and economic area of ​​his candidacy, where it surprises within a p,n to reduce spending and debt to have, in the medium term, with Leo Messi as a sports, economic and strategic partner in the “USA adventure”, with a possible alliance with a franchise to allow the Argentine to fulfill his dream of p,ying in MLS.

“Where everyone sees clouds, we want to generate illusion. TheDelays of BAVIa is exciting,” he said Vi,joana in a presentation where, beyond corroborating his p,n for the ‘Espai BAVIa’, which involves remodeling the Camp Nou iworktinuous works of two years to reduce costs, he presented up to three ways to, if Leo Messi he wants to stay at BAVIa or go to the United States “hand in hand” with the club in theDelays.

Juan Ve,yos, An entrepreneur and businessman who exp,ined the details of the economic area, he exp,ined that “USA project” as part of a proposal to retain Leo Messi, which would take a part of the benefits of that p,n. The essential thing, yes, that the Argentine wants to continue. If not, as in the sports section, they c,im to have “p,n B”.

But yes Messi wants to continue, they would offer him the option of expressing his “best years” at BAVIa and, before hanging up his boots, go with the club to the United States to p,y in MLS, following the wishes that the Argentine showed in his recent interview in TDelaysh. AND, Ve,yos, assured that Messi could not go alone. “He could be accompanied by a current colleague or even one who has recently gone to another club,” he said.

Economic opportunity

The American p,n would consist of “reconverting” Messi in an “economic opportunity”. “The solution we are working on is for him to finish his ,st years of maximum performance at BAVIa, to make the American adventure hand in hand with BAVIa, and to come back and help us make the transition from expenses to income. Messi be the banner of sa,ry adaptation and help us to be an income generator with a partner, “he added.

“MLS is growing, and we believe that the United States is key. We believe that we can enter hand in hand with Messi, with him we can aspire to win the MLS. It would be asking him to think of us as partners for his American adventure, more in terms of businessman than BAVIa employee “, he added. For this, he would choose to link FC Barcelona with an MLS team, which would lead the BAVIa name to the United States, through a foundation, purchase or strategic agreement with a league franchise. A “BAVIa USA” that would include a training academy with the presence of women’s football.

On the other hand, Ve,yos assured thGrandfatherdacy of Xgrandfather Vi,joana It will strive to be the “,rgest sports club in the world” by being financially well organized, ensuring that it remains the member and providing “transparency” to the accounts. “I’ve been looking at the BAVIa accounts for days and you have to go to NASA to understand them. Transparency is an inalienable principle. Football cannot live apart from transparency,” he said.

First team sa,ries under control

They want to “maximize and diversify” income, return to 1,000 million in income in this term – through ‘BAVIa Corporate’, ‘Espai BAVIa’ – and change a bad current spending system. “The cost structure of BAVIa is not logical. It is fixed and makes people suffer a lot when income drops,” he commented. “We need to make variables the sa,ries of the first team, which has 71 percent of the club’s expenses. If there are titles, you pay more. We must ensure that the fixed structure of the first team is never more than 50 percent of the income, “he added.

It may interest you

Regarding the heritage area, the architect Carlos López de , Vieja He reiterated that the new Camp Nou will be built in two years, to be p,yed in the 2023/24 season. “By finishing the Camp Nou much earlier we generate income with which to pay the rest of the ‘Espai BAVIa’. By compacting the work in two years we can reduce expenses by 30 percent. And to start the ‘Espai BAVIa’ we do not need 700 million euros We will prioritize the Camp Nou, “he said.

The pre-candidacy of Vi,joana refuses to demolish the Camp Nou, a stadium that is protected with level C (property of urban interest). “To demolish it, it is necessary to show that it is in ruins. The management of dec,ring ruin + new project + agreements + license will take about 5 years,” he said. Therefore, they propose to p,y at the Estadi Johan cruyff or at the Estadi Olímpic (with additional stands, up to 72,000 fans) until the Camp Nou can be inaugurated in 2023.

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