Saturday, December 4

Villar keeps the mayor of Contracting accused and with precautionary suspension of militancy in the PSOE

Guillermo García continues to preserve his areas as Councilor for Recruitment and Sports in the San Vicente City Council. Something inexplicable for the opposition groups. At least for Citizens, the Popular Party and Vox, who have stated from the first moment that Guillermo García, “out of prudence” should be removed from his duties while the judge decides whether to open a trial once the preliminary proceedings of the case are finished.

The mayor recently stated that a precautionary suspension does not imply ceasing to belong to the municipal socialist group. And municipal sources indicate that it only affects their participation in the internal processes of the party, but not the municipal day-to-day.

The mayor already warned last Wednesday, when the mayor Guillermo García went to declare to the Court of Instance and Instruction number 1 of San Vicente del Raspeig that if a trial is finally opened, before making any decision, he will inform the party of the situation so that it is the PSPV who indicates what should be done with the councilor, if he should stop belonging to the municipal group.

García is being investigated along with six other people after the complaint of an individual, whose identity has not transcended and who is related to the local PSOE.

The complainant warned of the commission of possible crimes committed by members of two WhatsApp groups formed by councilors and members of the PSOE of San Vicente. They shared documents from the local government board with data on people and companies, as well as from the hiring tables. In addition, there was information that appeared in the files of Recruitment or Urban Planning. The Public Ministry considers that with the exchange of sensitive information in those chats Crimes of infidelity in custody of documents and violation of secrets could be committed, as well as influence peddling.

This Friday The mayor, Jesús Villar, the mayor of Fiestas, Asunción Paris, and the former councilor Belén Arques came to testify as witnesses. The latter has gone from witness to being charged since she was part of the WhatsApp groups that are being investigated. And you will have to be summoned to take a statement with your lawyer.

The first to come to testify before the judge were former councilman Jesús Arenas, a former press officer, Ana López, and the advisor Verónica García. They did it on Monday. On Wednesday, Guillermo García and ex-edil José Luis Lorenzo attended the court together. While the historical militant José Gadea also came to testify separately.

Cs and PP demand forcefulness from Villar and recriminate him that García continues in the position

“What else has to happen for the mayor to stop protecting this councilor, since if he is not qualified to serve as a member of the military in his party, he is much less qualified to manage the public money of the Sanvicenteros”, claims Cs spokesman Pachi Paschal. It demands that Jesús Villar cease all his powers to the Councilor for Recruitment and Sports, Guillermo García, “investigated by the Justice for various crimes and also has just been provisionally suspended from membership by his own party». And he asks that he be removed from his duties at least until this matter is clarified.

The opposition believes that it is “protecting” and rewarding García and asks that he be removed


Not a minute more should this situation be allowed, We do not know what the mayor is waiting for, to make a decision once and for all“, Affirms the Popular spokesman, Óscar Lillo, who accuses Villar of” continuing to be mired in silence. ” The Popular consider that it should withdraw the powers. They warn that “if his party has suspended him from membership, it will be based on something that he considers reprehensible, one more reason next to being investigated, so that this councilor, whom Villar surprisingly rewarded after the resignation of Lorenzo and Arenas, giving him his councilors and increasing their dedication, and therefore their salary.

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