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Villarejo affirms that his meetings with Cospedal were of a professional nature

Retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo

Retired Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo

The retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo has assured this Tuesday that his meetings with the former secretary general of the Popular Party (PP) Maria Dolores de Cospedal they were professional in nature, but has denied having received any payment from the training.

“The PP never ever paid me anything, unfortunately for me”, has insisted the former high command of the Police investigated in the National Court – in statements to the press – upon his departure from the Central Court of Instruction number 6, where he was summoned this Tuesday to be questioned on piece 30 of the Tandem case in which the ‘Ring’ project is investigated.

Villarejo has insisted that his relations with Cospedal were as an “intelligence agent” and that with her “almost always” he talked about “work things”. “When I spoke with Mrs. Cospedal, I did so as a representative of the Government, as a representative that she was of the President of the Government,” he assured after insisting that “on personal issues” he spoke with his friends or with “a lover.”

Cospedal assured the judge last week that he met with the commissioner because he “could have information “of performances “that they were not orthodox or regular” on the part of “some people of the party”.

The former “popular” leader justified the meetings arguing that, from his position and his relationships “everywhere”, Villarejo could shed “some light” on the alleged espionage of the PP, although he has reiterated that he never made him “any professional order.”

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Cospedal’s husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, He even told the magistrate in the framework of his statement that, as a rule of “courtesy”, he told the commissioner that some time he would be entrusted with some work, although he has clarified that he is not aware that he was actually being asked and, In any case, he has stressed that he did not have the capacity to do so because he was not a member of the PP.

The number that Rajoy used

Asked Villarejo about the mobiles that he said he used to communicate with the former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy, the commissioner has assured that he has delivered to the cause the personal phone number you had to “contact” of the then leader of the PP. “Now all you have to do is check those messages,” he said.

The former police high command declared last Friday in the framework of the Kitchen operation -which investigates the alleged espionage of the former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas- and insisted that Rajoy was contacted about the supposed operation to steal material related to the party and implied also to other members of its Executive, such as Jorge Fernández Díaz and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Thus, the commissioner has again ratified the version presented before the investigation commission of the Congress of Deputies and in a letter sent to the magistrate days before the judge.

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Want their agendas

In his statements to the press, Villarejo has also complained that he has to go to court to check his agendas and has publicly asked the investigating magistrate, Manuel García-Castellón, to provide you with a copy so that you can access the content of your own notes.

“Why don’t you give me a copy? Because I have very interesting annotations there,” he said, referring to political and business positions. “We are not in Namibia, we are in Spain and this must be a guaranteeing State,” he added.

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