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Villarejo again blames the CNI of 17A: “I wanted to give Catalonia a little scare”

The ex-commissioner Jose Villarejo It has been reaffirmed that the 17A It was the result of a “serious mistake” by the former director of the CNI Félix Sanz Roldán “by give a little scare to Catalonia“, but he has clarified that the intention would not be to provoke an attack and that what happened is that”it got out of hand“When the leader of the cell died, the imam of Ripoll, who, according to him, was controlled by the Spanish intelligence services.

“What I have said in relation to the scare is that many times fictitious commands have been provoked to reassure … and that probably the intention was not at all to provoke any attack, but yes give the appearance of risk so that Catalonia would see the need for State protection“Villarejo explained in statements to journalists at the beginning of the trial that is being held in the National Court for three pieces of the Tandem case.

Despite these intentions, the matter to the CNI has continued “it got out of hand when the magnet dies“in the explosion of the house in Alcanar (Tarragona) in which they were preparing bombs to attack, and then the members of the cell,” the youngsters, do not know how to react. ”

To reinforce his version, the former commissioner recalled that the prosecutor who investigated the attacks, the current State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, said at the time that it was necessary to assume that there were errors otherwise the attack would not have been committed. “That is what I have said, have maintained and maintain. If you want proof, look at my informative notes,” he said in response to those who accuse him of making disclosures without evidence.

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“They are already with the ‘mantra’ that there is no evidence,” the former commissioner complained, noting that the “only proof” is that they do not return your files or agendas, a claim that is already constant in his statements and in his answers in the interrogation to which he is being subjected in this trial since this Monday.

As he explained, in those files it is stated that when the attacks took place, and despite being already retired, he spoke -because they asked him, he has specified- with the then investigating judge of the investigation of the attacks Fernando Andreu and the director of the Center of Intelligence against Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO) José Luis Olivera, “as well as with all those responsible and with the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia.” “All that evidence is in those files. Why don’t they release them? I authorize it to be done. Why do they have it hidden? “, He asked himself rhetorically.

“Why was the imam arrested in early 2000 when he was involved in smuggling Moroccans with false passports manufactured by the Moroccan intelligence service? And why when at one point he was arrested for drug trafficking in 2005 the phone is tapped, by a man named Marlaska, who sounds the same to you, in relation to the attacks on 11M for the relations with the groups that provoked the attack against the house of Spain “in Morocco, he has raised.

In addition, he continued, when they were going to expel him “some gentlemen from the CNI speak with the judge, annul the expulsion order and they go to work. ”

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For Villarejo, another clear evidence is that two months before his arrest he was followed by “a device of 20 CNI officials” at a meal “caused by an agent, the lawyer José Aliste, the first who visited (former Venezuelan general Hugo) Carvajal in Estremera “. “I have seen how information works in prisons, because I have suffered. 90% of the invaluable information that is made in prisons is made by prison officialsBut then the CNI scores the goal, that’s why they go there every day, “he said.

“We must think once and for all that citizenship is not a minor, we can’t use the law of secrets to hide everything. It is an outdated Francoist law, “he emphasized, pointing out that another former CNI director Alberto Saiz assured that from 23F” almost everything has been erased. ”

“Can a secret service erase history because it suits certain people? What is it?” “Citizens deserve the truth of things like what happened on March 11“He has insisted and assured that he has asked on numerous occasions to testify on these matters.

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