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Villarejo blames Sanz Roldán for “miscalculating things” with the A-17 attack

Without giving it importance, as the one that does not say, the ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has taken advantage of the second day in which he testifies before the court of the National Court that judges him for three of his contracts to spy on rivals and competition, to hold responsible for Barcelona attacks and Cambrils of 2017 to the person he has always blamed for sitting on the bench and having to face a petition that exceeds a hundred years in prison: the former director of the CNI Felix Sanz Roldan.

To the question of the Anticorruption prosecutor Miguel Serrano why the CNI might want to “monitor her life,” so it was the one who recorded her encounters, when it came, as she was saying, personal favors, such as the one she said she had done to the husband of the presenter Ana Rosa Quintana, or business or problems between individuals, Villarejo assured that he had worked as an intelligence agent until his arrest.

And there he launched the ordago: “Despite being retired I have continued working with the CNI until the day they arrested me. I was recording with them to try to fix the mess of the Ripoll magnet attack that in the end it was an error of Sanz Roldán for misjudging things to give a little scare to Catalonia”.

There was no further reference to the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. He only limited himself to saying that he continued to “maintain relations with some of the people who respect him at the CNI” or to assure that the secret services were responsible for the manufacture of evidence against him, among which he cataloged all those exhibited by the CNI. prosecutor, such as those related to the traffic of calls between the protagonists of the battle that was unleashed by the inheritance between the heirs of the La Finca urbanization, near Madrid.

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Personal favour

He was only seen altered by having the statement given this Monday by the husband of Ana Rosa Quintana, businessman Juan Muñoz Tamara, which has reached an agreement with the prosecution by which it recognizes the accusations. Villarejo was so angry that he took advantage of the Anti-Corruption questions to ensure that he never signed a contract with him, but instead made him a “personal favor”, because the presenter asked her to help “her hubby.”

If in the first session he said that he was the only defendant who had lied, this Tuesday he pointed out that Ana Rosa had already “asked him many favors”, such as the “plagiarism of your book” and the one related to her husband, because he had paid with “false bills” and, as he was “younger” than they, had not taken into account that she was famous.

In case it was not enough to stage his anger at having implicated his son, who also sits on the bench, which the ex-commissioner described as “obscene”, He did not hesitate to add that Muñoz “needed black money to pay for corruption” and, at another time, that it was he himself who gave him 20,000 euros in his office.

Video to a former judge

In his statement, the businessman, for whom the prosecutor asks for 11 months in prison, instead of the eight years he initially asked for, admitted that Villarejo provided him with a video of the lawyer of the person who owed him money consuming drugs, although he did not used, because he had already circulated in Marbella when he was a judge. Then Villarejo said that the 20.000 euros They were for secret service agents and he was just an intermediary.

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He also tried to flip the lawyer’s video Javier de Urquia presenting it as a complaint in defense of justice, by making public bad habits of judges and prosecutors. He was careful to ensure that the video was obtained after an internet search and that his son only helped him connect a cable to the computer, because he is “a clumsy”, not because he participated in the recording as it was deduced from the prosecutor’s questions . Whenever he could, he argued that the accusation against his son and his wife was made to silence him, but he never will.

Insult to intelligence

Villarejo had previously described as “insult to intelligence” the reports presented by the prosecution which included requests for traffic of calls to commissioner Enrique García Castaño, also accused, then head of the Central Operational Support Unit (UCAO), in relation to another of the pieces that is being judged, the one related to the heirs of the luxury urbanization La Finca, near Madrid.

According to Villarejo, tests were being manufactured against him since 2013, so it did not give them credibility. He added that the CNI was interested in this contract, because it was the former President of the Government Felipe González who, through an intermediary, asked him to help the eldest daughter of the owner of The farm, already deceased.

The ex-commissioner only managed to testify in the mornings, because his lawyer, Antonio García Cabrera, He alleged that during the first session he had had tension problems and “extreme fatigue” in the afternoon at home.

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