Monday, August 8

Villarejo returns to court for a complaint from the inspector who investigated him

The ex-commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo He returns to court this Monday to answer for the complaint brought against him and other former police officers by a former inspector of Internal Affairs for allegedly obstructing their investigations about the ex-cop.

Villarejo goes this morning to the examining court number 49 with the condition of defendant and his wife, Gemma Alcalá, will do it on Tuesday, legal sources inform Efe. They are both on trial at the National audience for three alleged espionage projects that were developed using the police status of the retired commissioner.

His statement in the courts of Madrid occurs within the framework of the complaint filed in 2018 by the former chief inspector of Internal Affairs Rubén Eladio López against high command of the police leadership of the Government of Mariano Rajoy for, presumably, preventing his investigations against Villarejo.

In addition to the commissioner, among the defendants are the former number two of the Police, Eugenio Pino -that he declared months ago- and Florentino Villabona; Chief Inspector José Ángel Fuentes Gago; Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, known as little Nicolás; and several journalists, among others.

Among those mentioned, three of them -Villarejo, Pino and Fuentes Gago- are processed by the Kitchen operation, an alleged espionage to the former treasury of the PP Luis Barcenas to obtain documents that could compromise the party and that would have been orchestrated from the Ministry of the Interior.

Inspector López denounces in his complaint that Villarejo boycotted “from the beginning” the investigation in which “he managed to prove the link” of the commissioner with the little Nicolás, linking them to “acts of a criminal nature”, and says that he used various members of the police leadership for this, a boycott that, he adds, finally ended in harassment and reprisals against him.

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The complaint speaks of a “orchestrated and concerted campaign” in which investigators were falsely denounced and accused, confidential and secret information was revealed to “pervert the criminal process”, and “to the sad extreme of adopting labor and disciplinary measures” was reached against him, which was “capriciously reprisal” and ended up outside of Internal Affairs.

He also denounces that Eugenio Pino came to recriminate him on several occasions that he had informed “about Villarejo’s involvement” in the “Nicolay case”, relative to little Nicholas.

Villarejo has always alluded to the closeness between this inspector and the former head of Internal Affairs Marcelino Martín Blas, with whom he maintains a manifest enmity; and with the policeman who investigated the Tandem case, by which he is being judged and that he has been charged in numerous pieces in the National Court.

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