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Villarejo’s papers reveal how Aznar asked the Ibex to buy Bárbara Rey’s silence on King Juan Carlos

Former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

Former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

The retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo noted in his diary that the former vice president of Repsol Ramón Blanco Balín confessed that the former president of the Government Jose Maria Aznar “He asked her to pay Bárbara Rey 300 million pesetas [1,8 millones de euros] in six years“, As recorded in an annotation of September 27, 2015, to which he has had access’The Newspaper of Spain ‘. Thus it was about preventing the artist from airing her alleged relationship with Juan Carlos I.

Blanco Balín was appointed in 2000 by the president of the oil company, Alberto Cortina, vice president of the company, to finally become the CEO in 2002. And Villarejo’s annotations specify that this Leonese businessman assured that Telefónica and Santander bank would also have paid similar amounts to the actress, which would raise the final figure to 900 million pesetas [5,4 millones de euros]: “In total there were six annual payments of 150 million pesetas [900.000 euros]. They gave the money to Cesid and these to the artist”Noted the controversial commissioner, who attributes this confession to Blanco Balín, who was a friend of José María Aznar.

Villarejo’s papers reveal how Aznar asked the Ibex to buy Bárbara Rey’s silence on King Juan Carlos. TERM

“External donors”

The content of this entry is known after the former director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) Alberto Saiz Cortés pointed out this weekend in the program ‘Salvados’ that the payment of the money for Bárbara Rey, who allegedly would have blackmailed Juan Carlos I, -with whom he would have had a romantic relationship-, it could have come from “external donors” and not directly from public money. However, he did acknowledge that the actress was the subject of contracts by the autonomous television of the Valencian Community (Canal Nou).

This is how Saiz Cortés responded after being questioned on the The sixth on the information contained in the book ‘The chief of the spies’ with the annotations of the former director of Cesid (now CNI) Emilio Alonso Manglano. In this work carried out by the journalists of ‘ABC‘Juan Fernández-Miranda and Javier Chicote make sure that Bárbara Rey would have received significant amounts of money in exchange for not airing her relations with the then Head of State.

Specifically, it would have entered 25 million pesetas [150.000 euros], at the same time that he was awarded a contract at RTVE. But mostly that it came to another agreement to pay him 600 million pesetas [3,6 millones de euros] plus for ten years, with money from CNI. Bárbara Rey has denied having received any amount from Juan Carlos I or his entourage.

“B. Balín Agreement”

Four days before Villarejo’s entry on Bárbara Rey, the commissioner wrote, in relation to the then Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martínez: “Request for B. Balín’s agreement.” And a little further down, on the same sheet referring to September 23, 2015, he writes: “Domingo D. Mera: Appointment with Blanco BalínPrecisely, this businessman is one of the defendants who have reached an agreement with the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office to plead guilty in the separate part of the Gürtel case on the activities of the plot led by Francisco Correa in the municipality of Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

In the documentation included in the summary of the Gürtel case There are bank statements that show that the Argentine company Yacimientos Petrolifos Fiscales (YPF), acquired in 1999 by Repsol, made two payments in 2002 for a total of $ 566,409 in the denominated collective Swiss account Sunny, controlled by the company Rhône Gestión de Arturo Fasana, the trustee of Juan Carlos I. Of that amount, Blanco Balín received 143,704 dollars from the Argentine company, according to what he announced. infoLibre. The rest of the beneficiaries were not identified.

Zagatka Foundation

On the other hand, Blanco Balín was a director between 1990 and 1996 of Banco Zaragozano, whose sale in 2003 allowed the Zagatka Foundation, from the cousin of King Emeritus Álvaro de Orleans, he will pocket a commission. This is stated in a bank document from the Swiss entity Credit Suisse advanced by Vozpópuli. The funds in that account served for years to defray Juan Carlos I’s expenses, mainly private flights. And two years after the operation, Arturo Fasana created in the name of Alberto Cortina and Blanco Balín Northcroft Trading Inc, based in Panama.

In another entry in Villarejo’s newspaper of April 4, 2013, the content of which was already advanced by The Newspaper of Spain, the retired commissioner wrote that he had obtained information from Corinna Larsen about the existence of a bank account in Liechtenstein in the name of actress Bárbara Rey. These events were reported to the then Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior, Francisco Martínez.

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