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Vin Doré 24K, the firm that shoots its profits with the pandemic while insulting on Twitter

“Casposo dictator”, (referring to the former vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias), “Perra paniaguada” (referring to the presenter Paula Vázquez), “Independentist scoundrel” (dedicated to the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau), “Mamarracho” (to deputy Gabriel Rufián) or “Rata de cloaca” (to the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón), are some of the insults that the company includes in its social networks Golden Wine 24K SL, the Company founded by Diego Suárez Liceras on June 2, 2009, which has gone from selling alcoholic beverages with gold particles to today becoming one of the main providers of anti-covid sanitary material in the Community of Madrid chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso .

Vin Doré 24K is the ‘miracle’ company of the covid, the winner of the pandemic contracts, during which it has increased its income by 32,000% after putting aside the sale of luxury drinks to focus on the sale of anti-covid material. But this limited company, at the same time, happens to be a ‘troll’ in social networks, where it attacks with insults and disqualifications directed at politicians, actresses and journalists.

In mid-2020, on his Instagram account, Vin Dore 24K pointed out that they had decided to “sacrifice” their beverage business to dedicate themselves “to full capacity importing and manufacturing anti-covid19 material” and “helping our country in this terrible pandemic ”. Suárez Liceras, president of the firm, in conversation with THE PERIODIC OF SPAIN, insists on this: “When the pandemic began, we paralyzed our manufacturing in the area of ​​beverages, which was where we were strongest, to dedicate ourselves to trying to help the citizens of Spain.”

A “sacrifice” and a “help” that have turned out to be enormously profitable for Vin Doré. Its growth has been spectacular in business figures, where it has managed to go from the 80,000 euros invoiced in 2019 to more than 26 million during the past 2020.

Insults not to the right, but to the left

But the growth and rain of millions for the company has been accompanied by a striking behavior on social networks, very rare in companies that sign contracts with public entities and bodies. Thus, from the ‘official’ account of Vin Doré 24K on Twitter, the actress Paula Vázquez is called “Bitch paniaguada”, to whom, in addition, it is warned: “you are going to get what you deserve because you are unpresentable”. But there are many more displays of expletives. Another actress, Anabel Alonso, is blurted out: “Every day you disgust more, but don’t worry that this government will pay you for your disloyalty to Spain and the Spanish in spades, look at the Bardem. Keep clapping ”.

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Journalists are also the target of attacks and disqualifications. “You are and will be miserable. As long as your ethics and morals are at the level of a communist sewer rat, what can be expected of you, palmero paniaguado”, He dedicates to the journalist Antonio Maestre. To Ignacio Escolar, director of eldiario.es, he blurts out: “You are shameful, you are disgusting, paniaguado sectarian dog.” And the journalist and writer Max Pradera is not spared either: “When you finish saying bullshit, resentful of shit, you take a Don Simón and suck it up with a straw up your nose, which won’t be the same, but you sure like it.”

One of the last tweets written from the company’s account responds to a tweeter who had published a thread about the president of the Community of Madrid and comes out in defense of her: the extreme left. From 1st of journalism, from pathetic sheep ”.

To the question of a tweeter “What do Paula Vázquez, Begoña Gómez (wife of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez), Yolanda Díaz and Isabel Celáa have in common?”, That same account responds: “That they are retarded? What do you like botox and silicone? Who are disgusted by their communist ideas? ”.

Another target of the insults of the company that supplies medical supplies to the Madrid community are the politicians. To Gabriel Rufián he replies: “Hahaha. You are a jerk from the moment you get up until you go to bed. You are a retarder”. And to the account of the Citizens party he dedicates another offensive message: “Cowards. You have abandoned men and you have prostituted yourself with the media left ”.

Albert Rivera and gender violence star in another of the pejorative tweets: “So fed up with Sanchismo but also with a game that goes to the hottest sun, an absolute disappointment with your cowardice about the gender violence law, violence does not it has gender and you have forgotten that you are a man ”.

Despite being the account of a company, some of his messages are written from a personal approach, such as when he points out “Being on the right is an honor in my case”, or when he shows sympathy for the ultra-right formation Vox: “Green hope, desire for change and even more desire for someone to fight for our values, traditions and customs. Long live Spain. #vox #santiabascal ”. In another, it is noted: “The unity of Spain is not negotiated. We are a great country and despite a part of political mediocrity that teases us, WE WILL WIN. Long live Spain ”.

The series of tweets with insults and disqualifications ranges from the period when Suárez Liceras was the sole administrator of Vin Doré 24K to the present, now as president of the company. Since February 2019, a woman of Venezuelan nationality, Yutsara Andreina Portillo Zambrano, has been listed as the sole administrator of the company.

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“Help the Spanish”

THE PERIODIC OF SPAIN He has also contacted the Vin Doré 24K headquarters trying to speak with Portillo Zambrano, but the employee who answered the call, who claimed to be the right hand of Suárez Liceras, said she did not know her and that the owner of the company was “Diego ”, Something that this, in a telephone conversation with this writing, denies and specifies: “Maybe the employee will see that I am the president and will think that… But he has only been with us for two months ”. “The administrator comes and goes. The person who is really at the forefront of this issue is me. What difference does it make if the administrator is there or not? I am the one that I value with the suppliers and we negotiate in China with my work team ”, he adds.

Asked about the fact that the company is capable of billing such an important amount with only three employees, Suárez Liceras points out: “When a moment of crisis comes, you can’t start hiring. In a pandemic, people are not on the street to be able to hire them, which is why we have had to outsource. We have outsourced a lot, for that reason we have had enormous logistical expenses ”.

In 2020 the company sold masks to the community chaired by Ayuso for an amount of 6.4 million euros. The last contract with this same community dates back to December 27, when it was again awarded 4.45 million euros for the supply of 2 million antigen tests. Quite an achievement for a tiny company that has only three employees, and with personnel expenses of 23,716 euros, less than 8,000 euros gross per employee, according to the accounts presented by the company itself.

In reference to this, Suárez Liceras explains: “People have been at home working. Another thing is how you can later reward your employees. The last two years are not being good, and the salaries are what they are. In my case, even at that time I was not charging. I was fighting. The accounts presented by the company indicate that it did not accept the request for erte motivated by the pandemic during the year.

Also from the personal account

Suárez Liceras himself also dedicates some rude comments on his personal Twitter account, curiously with identical recipients, as is the case of Anabel Alonso, to whom he directs one of his tweets: “Your intellect always gives you away, but your sectarianism will be your professional grave ”.

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Especially virulent is the businessman with the former Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias, to which he dedicates a series of messages: “fucking opportunist”, “rude dictator”, “you’re very stupid”, “stay in your sewer” …

He also expands with the Podemos voters: “Pablete, but everything goes wrong for you because people with brains have stopped trusting you. You have indoctrinated sheep but less every day … ”

Other politicians to whom he dedicates offenses are Ada Colau (“Pro-independence scoundrel”); Íñigo Errejón (“Sewer rat”, “riffraff like you trash populists”) and Pablo Echenique (“You’re a bloody ungrateful and everything that comes out of your mouth is vomit”).

Asked about this matter, the president of Vin Doré 24K responds: “I am a personal friend of several politicians of the PSOE, very relevant people; I am friends with people from the PP, people from Podemos. If I’ve gotten into something specific with someone, well, I don’t remember”. “Twitter I don’t use it. I don’t even know what account I should have. What is on Twitter, I do not even know. ” But during the course of the conversation with EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, he pointed out: “If Gabriel Rufián insults 95% of Spaniards, well at a given moment, as a Spaniard, I call him mamarracho”, an insult that was uttered, curiously, against the Catalan deputy not from his personal account, but from that of the company.

The tone of the messages of Suárez Liceras varies when it refers to politicians of the PP. Thus, this businessman assures in his Twitter account that he had a meeting “Super gratifying” with the Andalusian president Juanma Moreno. It also happens in his Linkedin account, where he praises the work of the president of the Community of Madrid, from which Vin Doré has continued to receive awards in 2021: “Our great president Isabel Ayuso has too many enemies who only wish her failure, a lot of press dark that magnifies small details against him and obscures great successes “, adds the multifaceted businessman in his Linkedin account.

Vin Doré’s is one of the paradoxes that this pandemic is leaving, in which this tiny company has made gold just when it has stopped using the precious metal in its products. Your social media posts, however, can be a real mine for 24-karat slum seekers.


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