Monday, January 24

Vinicius and Benzema beat Valencia

  • Two goals from the French and another two from the Brazilian give an account of the Valencian team before taking on Barça in the Saudi Super Cup

  • The referee pointed out as a penalty a pool by Casemiro, who could have sent off minutes before

Deserved Madrid victory against Valencia (4-1) that will be clouded by the noise generated by the penalty that was invented Hernandez Hernandez, decisive because it allowed the whites to open the scoring. Beyond that, Modric once again showed his majestic moment of play, Vinicius confirmed that he is still in a state of grace and Benzema He keeps adding notches to his revolver. Those of Ancelotti they are inaccessible when positioned ahead and maintain cruising speed high on the board.

The classic of Super Cup on the calendar and Ancelotti did not hide his letters after the disaster before him Getafe. Before him Valencia he opted for his classic eleven, with Luke on the side by Carvajal, to open the field seeking to generate spaces inside and unbalance with the associations of Modric, Vinicius and Benzena. But Valencia left the bus at Mestalla and proposed a direct football match with quick starts from Guedes, Gaya Y Musah. Back and forth and solidarity within to stop the Kroos and the Croatian.

Militao Y Guedes they exchanged occasions before the quarter hour. Real Madrid began to tilt the game towards the cover of Cillessen, but those of Bordalás deployed stampedes that also penalized a housemiro admonished from the start for always going to the limit. A protest out of place from the Brazilian to the referee at half an hour could send him to the locker room, but it is easier to throw a player out of the game. Elche or of Cadiz than one of a large team. Serve as an example that the Real Madrid It is the only team in the League without being sent off. It is far from being his best version that he was housemiro.

Conflicting tweet

A shot of Modric to the crossbar he prefaced the implausible penalty that the referee gave precisely to housemiro, which was treacherously dropped in the Valencian area and Hernandez Hernandez bought him the swimming pool. Benzema’s goal, so deserved for the white push and unfair for the way it was achieved. At halftime it was one to zero for that penalty that angered the Ché a lot. To the point that his Twitter account posted a tweet as embarrassing as the penalty in which he could read: “The robbery in Madrid is beginning to be somewhat repetitive. @Lacasadepapel.”

The second part started unchanged, but with a different decoration. The Valencia had to step forward and the Real Madrid se settled in a low block to wait for the Valencians and go against it. In one of them, at minute 51, Benzema partnered with Vinicius and the Brazilian took advantage of the lack of forcefulness of Diakhaby to, with great cunning, finish on goal and channel the victory.

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The party was sentenced to the hour. Kroos stole a ball from Musah at the start, he served Asensio and the rejection of his shot by Cillesen was headed to goal on the line by Vinicius. The Brazilian sentenced the shock and Bordalás I was betting on leaving the Bernabeu with the changes. A goal from Guedes, when he hit a penalty that had failed due to a clamorous grab from Mendy, it seemed to make up the Valencian defeat. But Benzema he turned the win into a win with a final goal in the 97th minute. The visitors will point to Hernández Hernández, but Madrid was much better.


-Real Madrid: Courtois (7); Vázquez (7), Militao (6), Alaba (5), Mendy (4); Kroos (8), Casemiro (4), Modric (9); Asensio (6), Benzema (9) and Vinicius (9). Technician: Ancelotti (7). Changes: Ceballos for Modric (m.70), Camavinga for Casemiro (m.70), Valverde for Vinicius (m.86), Nacho for Lucas Vázquez (m.86), Isco for Benzema (m.88).

-Valencia: Cillessen (7); Piccini (4), Alderete (5), Diakhaby (4), Gayá (6); Musah (4), Wass (6), Guillamón (4), Costa (4), Guedes (6) and Maxi Gómez (5). Technician: Bordalás (6). Changes: Marcos André (4) for Guillamón (m.65) Cherychev (5) by Maxi (m.65) Koba (sc) by Costa (m.65), Iranzo (5) by Piccini (m.77), Vallejo (sc) by Koba (m.81)

-Goals: 1-0, Benzema, from a penalty (m.43); 2-0, Vinicius (m.51); 3-0, Vinicius (m.60); 3-1, Guedes (m.76), 4-1, Benzema (m.87)

-Referee: Hernández Hernández (3).

-Cards: Casemiro, Militao, Piccini, Musah, Cherychev

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