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Vinicius makes a Real Madrid more leader that knows how to suffer

  • The whites are leaders with four points above Atlético and Real Sociedad and five above Sevilla

  • Ancelotti’s changes and Courtois’ stops were key to the final result

The Real Madrid He comes out more leader of a big game, against a direct rival who gave him a very bad time during much of the game. But the whites have talent, they have a decisive goalkeeper like Cuts, they have a coach like Ancelotti who can read the games, and two stars above as Benzema and Vinicius that unbalance the parties. The Seville has many good things, but still lacks draft to win in the Bernabeu, for more merits that accumulate in games like this.

Militao He is a defender with outstanding physical abilities, but also a defender with concentration gaps that cause huge positional errors. After 11 minutes of the game Rafa mir he scored the first goal of the game heading a corner without lifting his feet off the ground and completely free of mark at the penalty spot. Being the 9 of the visiting team, it is striking that it was not marked by any local defense. Even more so if we have in that it is a player of more than six feet. Militao, who has made several mistakes as gross as this one, opted to mark the striker from a distance and was blocked behind his teammate Mendy. Which allowed Mir to finish placidly and overtake Sevilla.

Grotesque mistakes

Seconds later, Mir himself had a double chance by taking advantage of an even more grotesque mistake by a Carvajal disastrous on defense. But the whites managed to avoid it. The nerves of the white defense were alarming against a rival of rank with whom the League will be played. In fact, that goal placed the leaders of Lopetegui, who had studied the game perfectly, alternating controlled ball output and direct football with Rafa Mir. The visitors were much more aggressive, offensively and defensively.

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Fernando had more specific weight in the game than housemiro, very erratic with the ball. They bit up to complicate life on the way out to Modric and company. AND Cuts, before the doubts of his companions, or went out with Praise or bet on the ball to Benzema. What complicated the normal circulation of the whites and disconnected Asensio and a Vinicius very guarded by Montiel. The first shot on goal by the whites came at 25 minutes, precisely by the Brazilian winger. Fernando, Jordan and Rakitic driving the metronome winning the game a Kroos, Modric and housemiro, While Papuan and Ocampos they appeared to speed up the plays.

Precisely Ocampos, after half an hour, approached the area, took off Casemiro and slapped the ball, which ran into the crossbar with Courtois already overcome. Sevilla seemed like a lot of bull for him Real Madrid, until a play without apparent danger changed the course of the game. Lopetegui’s men delayed their defense by going forward and in a ball out, Militao took the ball off him with a shot from 35 meters that Bond swallowed, waving with soft hands a ball that touched the stick and Benzema riveted the net. A draw as unexpected as it is undeserved. Every mistake, a goal. He concluded the first round with an exchange of blows. A shot from Asensio that came brushing the crossbar and a header from Ocampos That made Courtois work. The break was reached with a draw, despite Sevilla’s dominance.

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Resumed the Seville the match proposing a round trip match, ending all the plays to avoid the Real Madrid cons, forcing Cuts long … The picture of Seville greatly disturbed those of Ancelotti, who neither shaped the game with the ball at his feet, nor did he stampede against it. The party was on the wire. A one against Madrid or a right hand from Sevilla. And in that context, whites seemed more uncomfortable, outside their comfort zone. Still, he was inches from unbalancing the scale Asensio, with a left foot that brushed the square.

New legs

Sevilla accumulated minutes of possession, but was not able to find cracks in a Madrid that defended by accumulation. Ancelotti still did not move, while Lopetegui had several players warming up. A game of chess in which Carletto nothing changed as long as everything was under control. However, there were disturbing symptoms in players like Vinicius, disconnected from the game due to fatigue (mental or physical), or Kroos. The game had been long and legs were needed. What caused the exit to the field of Delaney, Valverde and Camavinga.

It was a fight between two heavyweights in which any blow could send the opponent to the canvas and decide the fight. Vinicius He wasted a counterattack when Madrid already showed that it had been revitalized with the changes, by raising the pressure line to generate problems in the exit of Sevilla. The game opened with a quarter of an hour to play. Those of Ancelotti they cornered the rival in the final stretch and Sevilla suffered agony.

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And then the ball came to Vinicius a changed leg. A high ball that came down with his chest on the left wing and with control left Ocampos behind. He faced inward and before reaching Kooundé took a right hand that nailed in the square of Bond. Vinicius pulled out of his hat an extraordinary goal that serves to boost the Real Madrid to the solo lead. The Brazilian has become a differential player who is unbalanced and has a goal. Vinicius gave the triumph and the leadership to Real Madrid. Patience with the Brazilian has had its prize. Ancelotti continues to manage the games with his changes and Real Madrid knows how to win games with the ball at their feet and also when they have to suffer.

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-Real Madrid: Courtois (6); Carvajal (4), Militao (4), Alaba (5), Mendy (6); Modric (6), Casemiro (5), Kroos (5); Asensio (6), Benzema (6), Vinicius (4). Changes: Valverde (6) for Asensio (min.72), Camavinga (6) for Modric (min.72), Nacho for Vinicius (92 ‘), Lucas Vázquez for Carvajal (min.94)

-Seville: Bonus (4); Montiel (5), Koundé (5), Diego Carlos (5), Acuña (6); Jordán (6), Fernando (7), Rakitic (6); Ocampos (8), Mir (7), Papu Gómez (6). Changes: Delaney (5) for Rakitic (min.70), Óliver Torres (sc) for Jordán (min.80), Óscar (sc) for Papu (min.80); Idrisi (sc) by Montiel (min.90) and Munir (sc) by Ocampos (min.90)

-Goals: 0-1, Rafa Mir (11 ‘); 1-1, Benzema (31 ‘); 2-1, Vinicius (86 ‘)

-Referee: Sánchez Martínez. Yellow to Acuña (33 ‘), Montiel (54’), Kroos (60 ‘), Carvajal (68’), Ocampos (85 ‘), Casemiro (90’)

-Stadium: Santiago Bernabéu: 45,281 viewers

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