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Violence picks up in Acapulco – El Diario NY

A week after the change of government in the state, Acapulco registers an increase in violence.

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Mexico City, Oct 7 (EFE) .- Three vehicles set on fire and five people injured by firearms, including two women, are the most recent damages registered in the tourist Mexican city of Acapulco, which is experiencing a rebound in organized crime violence.

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This, a week after the change of government in the state of the city, Guerrero, south of the country, on October 15, a space that has taken advantage of crime to go out to act.

The violent events began on the outskirts of Acapulco, on Wednesday, when an armed subject aboard a motorcycle fired at several premises of a street market or street market, installed in the Emiliano Zapata colony (neighborhood), which left five people wounded.

Later a vehicle was set on fire in the Acapulco-Mexico federal highway and the first versions indicate that armed men fired at the occupants before setting fire to the car.

While a second vehicle was set on fire later in a neighborhood near the hospital area of ​​the popular spa. The fire was put out by a team of firefighters after social media users reported the incidents.

The third fire of a vehicle was reported this Thursday in the traditional area of ​​the port, in the Flamingos subdivision, leaving a public transport bus that runs along the coastal area with total damage.

Unofficially and according to versions of witnesses, the vehicle was set on fire after its owners refused to pay extortion.

To date, neither the State Attorney General’s Office nor municipal or state authorities have spoken about the violent acts in the popular resort of Acapulco.

The Acapulco spa has been whipped in recent years by groups from the organized crime. (Photo: Getty)

On October 15, Evelyn Salgado will come to power, who will be the first woman to rule Guerrero, a complicated task due to the levels of insecurity and violence that afflict the state and also the tourist city.

On September 29, the Acapulco’s famous Baby’O nightclub suffered a fire, caused with fuel spilled into the interior, a fact that the authorities are investigating.

The Acapulco spa, an economic and tourist engine of the state of Guerrero, has been hit in recent years by groups from the organized crime, those who are dedicated to drug trafficking and extortion. EFE

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