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Viral on TikTok: woman brings food to 7-Eleven employee who covered 16-hour shift

A woman, identified as Demi Lee, had an emotional gesture with a 7-Eleven store clerk covering a shift 16 hours To whom he surprised by bringing him food, the employee’s reaction was recorded in a video that went viral on TikTok.

And it is after a long day at work, who does not want to enjoy a delicious homemade meal, and even more so if he is still working, that is why Demi Lee, a customer who went to a 7-Eleven store, He told the cashier that he would come back later with food.

The events occurred last week at a 7-Eleven store that is in a Las Vegas gas station, where the woman went and found out that the man covered a 16-hour shift, so she offered to bring him food before he left work.

The man did not really think that Lee would comply with what he said, but he was very wrong because the woman returned with a full meal.

Woman promised to bring food to the employee

“I went to the gas station and went to the store. I told the employee that I would bring him a plate before he left work. He thought he was lying. This was his reaction… ”Lee wrote on his TikTok account.

The video Lee shared shows her from the moment she packs the meal, which included ribs, beans, and mac and cheese.

Later it is seen that he is going in his car, when he arrives at the gas station again, he parks his car.


He thought I was lying. Couldn’t wait to see the look on his face 😂#fyp #SnowballFightAgainstHunger

♬ original sound – Demi Lee’

“My gosh,” said the clerk

Then she walks to the store, where the clerk was surprised to see her come in with food in her hands.

“My God”, the convenience store clerk said, while the woman smiled, showing that she was keeping her word.

“He thought he was lying. I couldn’t wait to see the expression on his face, ”Lee wrote on his TikTok account.

“I told you I was coming back”, Lee expressed as he reached out his hands to deliver the food to the worker.

Video went viral on TikTok

He asks the employee to open the bag of food, since his mother wants to see his reaction, and she did so and to demonstrate she took a bite of the ribs, and assured that they were delicious.

The video has more than 5 million views and more than 1.2 million likes. Lee said she was surprised by the reach of her video, as it regularly reaches no more than one hundred views and views.

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