Saturday, September 23

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, agrees to testify before the House Select Committee

In a significant reversal that will further intensify conflicts within the Republican Party and the ruling class as a whole, late Wednesday night it was reported that Virginia Thomas, 65, wife of arch-conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has agreed to testify before the January 6 House Select Committee.

Thomas’ attorney Mark Paoletta had previously rebuffed the committee’s request to speak to Thomas, writing in a June 28 letter to the congressional body that he did “not believe there is currently a sufficient basis” for Thomas to appear.

Thomas has previously attacked the committee and called on Republicans to oust any members of their party who participate in it.

However, late Wednesday night, CNN reported that a “source close to the committee” informed their reporters that Thomas, a life-long Republican operative, deeply implicated in former President Donald Trump’s failed coup, had agreed “to be interviewed by the panel in the coming weeks.”

In a statement sent to CNN and other major news networks, Paoletta confirmed the report, writing: “As she has said from the outset, Mrs. Thomas is eager to answer the Committee’s questions to clear up any misconceptions about her work relating to the 2020 election. She looks forward to that opportunity.”

The day before Thomas’ lawyer confirmed she would speak before Congress, chairman of the committee Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi) confirmed that the next hearing of the committee will be on September 28 at 1 p.m.

By choosing to hold the hearing on a Wednesday afternoon, the committee is ensuring that whatever revelations they are willing to disclose will not be seen by a mass audience of people who will be at work at that time. This is part of the committee’s efforts to keep the working class unaware of the advanced fascist rot that has permeated all levels of the federal government and a majority of the Republican Party who have and continue to support Trump’s efforts to establish a dictatorship.

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