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Virtual reality reaches local police

What the agent is seeing through virtual reality glasses is reproduced on the screen

What the agent is seeing through virtual reality glasses is reproduced on the screen

The tomorrow is here, also for the local police because their work can and will be measured by virtual media and their trainings, where they will demonstrate dexterity, coolness, responsiveness or speed of reaction, will serve to know if they are suitable for the service and, especially, for which services. Virtual reality helmet and replicas of regulation weapons or flashlights, although in the future they will be added defenses, riot shieldsThey will be part of their practice hours, facing targets that will simulate enemies of society.

Not only does it reproduce the conditions of a shooting gallery, but it is possible to recreate scenarios, urban environments, surround sound …

Meanwhile, your instructors will be able to add difficulty parameters to the exercise and, at the end of each workout, extract data and analysis of interest. The Ciutat d’Elx Congress Center hosted the police training simulator Octopus, developed by a company from San Vicente del Raspeig, Last Monkey Desig Studio, which imitates hyper-realistic environments for training. The novelty software not only reproduces the conditions of a shooting gallery, but it is possible to recreate scenarios (day and night, urban environments, surround sound …) and hyper-realistic situations that agents could face, safely and at a reduced cost by saving on travel and ammunition, since many small local police do not have shooting facilities, something that the Elche headquarters does. The technology developed allows five levels of exercises with three levels of difficulty: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie. In no event will Octopus Tactical Software aims to replace conventional workouts.

An agent, with the simulated weapon and a virtual reality headset


The presentation was private, for those responsible for the Local Police of Elche and the rest of the province, led by the regional secretary for Security and Emergencies, José María Ángel Batalla. The system has been presented in Elche because the development team of the San Vicente company has had the extensive experience of the professionals of the Elche Headquarters, especially the inspector Aurelio Delicado and the shooting instructors Pedro Martínez Ibarra and Ramón Medina, who they have audited this virtual reality tool that will help, “from now on, to the instruction of police personnel beyond the municipality,” explained the City Council of Elche. He has been working on this project for two years.

The event, led by agent María José Aranda, featured a detailed explanation from the firm’s management, personified in Elena Valverde and Manuel Lastra from Elche, including a live exhibition of Octopus that fascinated those present. “It has impressed me”, admitted the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, after congratulating Last Monkey and the Local Police personnel involved in the design of the software. “It is a useful tool at the service of the training of the troops, highlighting the spirit of continuous improvement that beats in our police force, immersed in a transformation with the aim of increasing the quality of the service it provides (…) it is because of that spirit of improvement of the Local Police of Elche that today it allows us to ensure that it is one of the best in the country and that the city is calm and safe ”.

The presentation of the Octopus system in which the local police have been interested


César Zaragoza, the head of the Local Police, equated the system with risk prevention, as it has the ability to place the agent immersively in changing places. “A dead policeman is a shattered family,” he assured, which is why he has urged Batalla to articulate a truly specific regulation of occupational hazards for municipal police as there are none at the moment, offering the Local Police of Elche at your disposal as support to achieve this goal, given that “the Elche policeman has a desire to improve, to take his work further.” In this sense, he gave as an example as a self-protective measure the provision of a bulletproof vest for each policeman from Elche, being a pioneering decision to anticipate the regional regulations in the making.

“You come to Elche to learn,” said the regional secretary as a token of appreciation to his Local Police, thanking public servants for their efforts during the pandemic. “It is a staff that thinks in common how to do things well,” he said, while listing the awards that the Elche force has recently obtained, referring to Octopus as a success of public-private collaboration that highlights the importance of training permanent and to have the instruments to increase the performance of the police and security as a strength of democracy: “Well-trained agents is to guarantee the rights of Elche society and that Elche grow, with that potential that characterizes it.”

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