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Virtual reality technology, live casinos and traditional casinos

The following article talks about virtual reality technology and how it can be beneficial to the casinos and gaming industries.

For centuries, land based casinos were the only way to enjoy casino games. Today, however, online games have become a viable option. With all its features, casino registration bonusesand rewards. But land-based casinos still have a huge advantage over their online counterparts, which is the intuitive experience. In a casino, you can sit at a table, hold cards, and chat with the dealers. No form of play has replaced this direct experience. Live dealer casinos bring you closer to what traditional rooms have to offer through live games that have real dealers and real tables and play from a physical studio or real casino.

However, even a live casino cannot replace the feeling of being in a gambling venue. What can replicate this experience? Virtual reality (VR) may be the next big step in the evolution of online gaming. Virtual reality can clear the screen between you and the casino. If virtual reality gaming is successful, this technology may even completely replace land-based casinos. In this article, we discuss whether virtual reality technology can eliminate traditional casinos from the competition.

Where are the live dealer games today?

Live dealer casinos offer most of the elements of a land based casino via smartphone, laptop or computer. In these games, the dealer deals real cards at a standard casino table. You can even chat with the dealer. Just write any questions or comments you have in the box. The dealer can answer you verbally whenever he has the opportunity. These studios greatly enhance the gaming experience by providing quality broadcasting, professional lighting, and a selection of different dealers. Another important aspect of a live casino is the variety of games. Since the advent of classic games like Blackjack, live betting has expanded to offer a wider range of table games. Today, you can expect even more attractive offers like Dream Kutcher and Dragon Tiger.

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What’s the problem with live casinos right now?

Live dealer sites have been very successful over the past decade. Many players are happy to have the opportunity to enjoy casino games in the comfort of their homes. However, live casinos do not match the actual experience. The screen is the most important thing that prevents you from feeling like you are sitting in a casino. Looking at tables and cards through a smartphone or PC screen does not give you a realistic feeling. Live games are more realistic than virtual table games that have a dealer, a table, and cards produced by the software. But live casinos still have a page that separates you from reality. As long as this is the case, live casino sites will never be perfect.

How can virtual reality improve live dealer casinos?

Virtual reality, after a period of lethargy, now lives for most of the second decade of its life. Large companies such as Google, Facebook and Sony have made significant investments in this area. Something that has suddenly made virtual reality a hot topic. If virtual reality finally becomes ubiquitous among consumers, the entertainment industry will benefit enormously. However, the problem is that virtual reality has yet to find a large market. Some people are buying a headset, but the gamer masses have yet to show happiness.

However, if the latent potential of virtual reality is activated, online games will benefit enormously. Virtual reality can make you feel closer to the game than live dealer online casinos. Virtual reality poker games they are already popular with gamers. By showing hands, cards, and closeness to competitors, it seems like you’re really behind a table. It is only a matter of time before casino table games are released in VR format. Baccarat, blackjack, and roulette have the potential to adapt to this technology.

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Most of the players are still satisfied with online games.

Online real money gambling is still very popular around the world and may not need to be repaired or updated. Live dealer casinos play an important role in this popularity. Many players are still happy to pull out a virtual chair from their favorite live dealer table. They are prepared for somewhat realistic but not yet complete experiences. Players overcome the screen barrier as long as they can see the real cards and chat with the dealers. Few gamers feel the need to give up smartphones, tablets, and PCs and buy headsets. One day in the not-too-distant future, virtual reality headsets may be a necessity for gamers to enjoy their favorite board games, but that’s not the day.


For the foreseeable future, technology does not appear to be able to push physical casinos out of the field. Today’s technology cannot replace the feeling of sitting behind tables and slot machines. Live dealer games are the closest thing to land-based casinos now. But there are still restrictions that force you to see everything through the page. Virtual reality has the potential to blur the screen and bring you closer to the tables and slot machines. The key word is “potential”. Even with the resurgence of virtual reality today, the technology is still not perfect.

Another problem is that this technology is not yet in the public basket. Sales of smartphones and game consoles have lowered the price of virtual reality headsets, but headsets are not yet a threat to the physical games industry. Another problem with virtual reality is the level of satisfaction with current technology and online games. Most of the people are happy to play casino games on their smartphones or computers. They are not so dissatisfied with online games as to convince them to buy a virtual reality suite and play with it. In short, virtual reality games may have a large market share in the future.

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