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Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit: All the keys to your success

UR Vistahermosa's high rate of positive results is synonymous with innovation, research and advanced technology

UR Vistahermosa’s high rate of positive results is synonymous with innovation, research and advanced technology

Nothing is comparable to the face of parents happy to hold their baby in their arms. One of the greatest wishes of many people is to be able to start a family, but not everyone can do it easily. There are many couples and women who have to resort to the help of assisted reproduction to achieve the desired pregnancy.

The list of circumstances for which the services of an assisted reproduction clinic are needed can be very long. But if something is important, it is to choose and get it right. The professional trajectory of a fertility clinic is the main key to take into account when making this decision: the more experience, the greater the professional precision, and the higher the chances of obtaining a successful result.

The Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit gathers specialized professionals with more than 35 years of practice, undoubtedly the main endorsement to ensure that the majority of his patients achieve the dream of being parents.

This high rate of positive results is also synonymous with innovation, research and advanced technology, as well as the commitment it acquires with its patients. “You can never guarantee 100% of the success of a treatment, but you can guarantee the commitment, dedication and effort that is put into each case, starting with a personalized evaluation. Nine out of ten couples achieve their reproductive desire thanks to the innovative techniques we use that combine reproductive medicine and genetics, “says the Dr. José López Gálvez, director of the Reproduction Unit of the Vistahermosa Clinic.

The variety of fertility treatments The variety of fertility treatments adapted to different demands is another relevant factor. The variety of fertility treatments adapted to different demands is another relevant factor.

This is another relevant factor: the variety of fertility treatments adapted to different demandss, because adapting techniques and applying new technologies is currently very beneficial to improve results in all kinds of processes, especially in cases of infertility due to advanced age, where genetic tests are definitive.

Almost 20% of fertility problems have a genetic explanation. Analyzing the karyotype of the couple allows us to study the chromosomes and their structure to detect abnormalities that may be the cause of infertility. Also by means of genetic tests, the embryos resulting from in vitro fertilization are analyzed and those that are healthy are identified, that is, free of chromosomal alterations, and therefore viable.

On the other hand, we have those people with hereditary diseases who can resort to assisted reproduction to avoid transmitting the disease to their children. That is assisted reproduction not only creates life, it also helps save it.

UR Vistahermosa brings together all the time-lapse incubation technology on the market.

Technology that delivers results

The support of the technology to elevate positive outcomes is currently undisputed. The Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit brings together all the technology of time-lapse incubation that currently exists in the market, which places it as a national benchmark, and one of the few international centers with this powerful equipment.

The most revolutionary equipment, such as the Back with integrated Eeva system, are key to guaranteeing the best results. «The time-lapse monitor all the development of the embryos of our patients, keeping their culture stable, and obtaining a complete record of the growth of each embryo, which allows evaluating the one with the highest degree of implantation for transfer to the maternal uterus. These incubators make it possible to transfer a single quality embryo, avoiding multiple pregnancies, ”explains the head of the laboratory, Juan Manuel Moreno.

The humane and close treatment of the medical team and the relationship with them is another really important factor. The main mission of the team is to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby. In the Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit, all the personnel involved in the process maintain a relationship of support and accompaniment with the patients.

The center has more specific services aimed at reinforce tranquility and comfort: multidisciplinary teams, own operating room, 24-hour emergencies, recovery rooms, gamete bank, psychological assistance, free first visit or different financing possibilities.

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