Thursday, December 7

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Oliver. The sex that went crazy

ANDThat is the man I am going to marry”, Vivien Leigh prophesied when she saw Laurence Olivier on stage in the play Theater Royal. “I was drunk with desire,” Olivier acknowledged after seeing her acting in The mask of virtue. He did not care that both were married, feared God and had been educated on the embers of the Victorian era: passion was stronger than prejudice, tradition or responsibility. They soon became lovers.

It was 1935, and what had begun as a furtive romance was going through all the steps of passion. They ‘lived in sin’, they got married, there were countless third parties, stories of bisexuality, searing jealousy and sex to exhaustion. And, above all, madness: Vivien Leigh’s bipolar disorder became the center of a relationship capable of the best, but also the worst.

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