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Vladimir Putin rejects a summit with Joe Biden while the US continues to prepare sanctions


Washington impunity new sanctions on Russia and deport 10 employees of the Russian delegation in Washington

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.
The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.REUTERS
  • Diplomacy Joe Biden ready to issue sanctions against Russia for cyber espionage

Vladimir Putin is in no rush to meet Joe Biden. At least as long as the US continues to “cook” new sanctions against Russia. The Kremlin says that it is not possible to organize a meeting in the short term and that Putin’s participation in the climate summit promoted by Biden is still under discussion.

The United States has been preparing a series of measures against Russia for weeks for its alleged interference in the US elections and for cyberattacks that occurred last year. But at the same time it seeks to bring positions closer to the Kremlin for the future. The White House today imposed new sanctions on Russia and deported 10 employees of the Russian embassy in Washington. It also prohibits US financial institutions from investing in Russian bonds issued after June 14 this year by the Central Bank of Russia.

Last Tuesday, Putin and Biden had a telephone conversation at the initiative of Washington. The US president stated his intention to “build a stable relationship with Russia consistent with the interests” of the US and proposed to meet in the next few months in a third country to “discuss all the issues facing the US and Russia.”

The Kremlin warned Thursday that it would respond in the same way to any new “illegal” sanction by the United States against Russia and warned that any new measure would reduce the chances of a summit between the US president and the Russian leader. .

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“If they are going to be an obstacle [las nuevas sanciones] or not, that will be the president’s decision [Putin]. There is a proposal from the US president, and the Russian president will decide, “Kremlin spokesman Dimitry Peskov replied, referring to Biden’s recent invitation.

Russia does not want relations with Washington to be a case of “one step forward and two steps back.”he added as quoted by Reuters. “No, a bilateral meeting, of course, cannot be organized so quickly, the issue is still under discussion,” he said when asked directly about an eventual summit.


The Kremlin has denied US allegations that Russia tried to meddle in the 2020 US presidential election or was behind the cyberattack that affected the United States. software created by SolarWinds Corp, a company that works for US government entities.

The White House believes that in the attack on SolarWinds Russian hackers gained access to the software used by thousands of government entities and private companies. But the scope and consequences are not clear.

The US sanctions will include the expulsion of a limited number of diplomats, according to public The New York Times. But they could also affect Russia’s sovereign debt. The country has relatively little debt, but any broad sanction targeting Russia’s financial sector will mean a significant escalation and extra cost for Moscow. “They will not simply be sanctions”said Jake Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Advisor, last February. The US has already carried out a round of vetoes against Russia for the poisoning of the opposition Aleksei Navalny.

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The West has expressed concern about the large concentration of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border. But it was Moscow that was on guard last week when it learned that Washington was sending two warships to the Black Sea. Last night it was learned that the United States has canceled its naval deployment.

The decision comes amid concerns about the increase in Russian military forces on Ukraine’s borders. Today the Russians continue their maneuvers in the Black Sea and they warn that avoiding a military escalation in Ukraine depends above all on Kiev forgetting about an offensive on its territory.

Peskov believes the situation in Ukraine remains tense, blaming NATO and US forces still deployed near Russia’s borders. Therefore, he said, it is premature to speak of a reduction in escalation despite reports that the United States has canceled the deployment of its two warships in the Black Sea.

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