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‘Voir’: the new documentary series by director David Fincher that will pay tribute to cinema

Director David Fincher speaks on stage at the 63rd Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Feature Film Symposium held at the DGA on January 28, 2012 in Hollywood, California

Photo: Alberto E. Rodríguez / Getty Images

David Fincher, the American filmmaker who directed the films ‘Seven’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘Mank’ and the first season of Minhunter, released the name of its next film project in conjunction with Netflix. ‘Voir’ is the name of his new production and it will be a documentary series of visual essays in which he will pay tribute to the seventh art.

According to the information on the website The Wrap, David Fincher will act as executive producer of this new project, while David Prior, Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou they will be the directors. ‘Voir’ will have its premiere within the framework of AFI Fest 2021 on November 13, although on Netflix Its release date has not yet been released.

The US streaming service platform describes ‘Voir’ as “a documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema, from the mind of one of the modern masters“. Likewise, Netflix revealed the first teaser trailer for this docuseries on its social networks. “From Executive Producer David Fincher… VOIR, a new documentary series of visual essays celebrating cinema, from the mind of one of cinema’s modern masters. Premiered at AFI Fest and soon on Netflix“Was the message that accompanied the tweet to promote to all its audience what this new film production will be about.

The 59-year-old American director continues to position himself as one of the filmmakers most recognized by Netflix subscribers. Let’s remember that Fincher captivated his audience with the premiere of ‘Mindhunter’, his series that tells how the concept of serial killer was born as we know it today, a production that was enough to become one of the best original series on the platform today. After the massive success of ‘Mindhunter’, David Fincher I know commissioned to produce the animated short series’ Love, Death and Robots‘also from Netflix, and was the director of ‘Missing’, a feature film that won two Oscars for ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Production Design’.

Subsequently, David Fincher will work on co-starred with screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker on an upcoming Netflix original project called ‘Killer’, a film that will be starred byr Michael Fassbender and will encompass the graphic novels of French writer Alexis Nolent. This film will be about a serial killer in the city of Paris who will go through an existential crisis. “I have never been so happy working anywhere as on Netflix“, Declared David Fincher in an interview with Variety.


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