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Volvo XC40 T4 or XC60 T8 and Ankara Motor

Wide range of models in stock

Wide range of models in stock

Volvo Ankara Motor makes it easy for you to access state and regional aid and subsidies that currently exist and makes available to the customer several models of the Volvo range eligible to benefit from any of the aid plans recently published, the Renove 2020 State Plan and MOVES II.

With them you can access a wide range of models in stock such as the new XC40 T4 Twin Recharge Inscription Expression con 211CV por 35.700€ or the desired Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Bussines Plus with 390 hp for € 48,900. You can also qualify for additional benefits on the S60 T6 Twin Recharge and V60 models both in its Recharge range and in its robust combustion mechanics.

From the dealer they are aware of how complicated it is in itself to buy a car and especially if you add the complex process of accessing state aid. For this reason it puts at your disposal its team of professionals to help you manage the process of the state subsidy for the purchase of any of its Recharge plug-in hybrid vehicles.

They will guide you through the Plan that best suits you and will manage the request in the event that you access the MOVES II Plan, as well as offer you advice for the processing of the Renove 2020 Plan. In this way you will be able to access grants of up to € 3,600.

One of the great novelties of this Plan is that the contribution of a vehicle is not necessary for its scrapping and also, in the event that your car is eligible to benefit from said Plan, Volvo Ankara Motor advises you on its real price with a professional appraisal from its exclusive department of used vehicles of Grupo Paredes Automoción, Wallscar. In this way it is valued if it is worth it unsubscribe or get a better offer for him.

How are discounts and grants distributed?

Since Volvo Ankara Motor clarify that the first thing to remember is that, unlike previous plans, the state part It will not be discounted at the time of purchase but will be granted directly to the beneficiary in the times that the program marks. However, this amount refers to a minimum part of total discounts and benefits.

For example, when buying an XC60 T8 Twin Bussines Plus, of the total of more than € 26,000 of price reduction, only 10% (the € 2,600 provided by the Government) will be temporarily assumed by the buyer, the rest will be deducted at the time of purchase at any of the Volvo Ankara Motor dealers in Alicante and Elche.

Can these grants be applied to a company?

This is one of the great news of these new plans and is that in the case of acquiring your new Volvo through a SME, and even with a format of Leasing o Renting, you will still have access to the grant As a direct beneficiary and at Volvo Ankara Motor they will inform you on how to do it and will manage the entire process.

Do I need to make any registration or application on my own to take advantage of any of the published plans?

Those interested should take into account that Volvo Ankara Motor takes care of all the processing and the client will only have to provide the necessary supporting documentation for each plan.

In the case of Plan Moves II They carry out the processing directly in concession as they are attached to the IDEA management system. For its part, for the Plan Renove 2020 they make available to the buyer a exclusive advisory service who will be the one who will process the entire application on your behalf.

From Volvo Ankara Motor they have anticipated a high volume of requests and have more than 25 units in stock eligible for any of the aid plans. However, while the subsidies totally depend on the availability of funds, from the dealer recommend that the ideal is to reserve the request for help as soon as possible, since it is predictably sold out fast and in addition the application deadline must be taken into account in the case of Scrappage scheme, on December 31 of this year.

Volvo Ankara Motor Location

Alicante (Highway 40-42 Ocaña)

Elche (Sr. Josefa Alcorta 35)

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