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Vox demands from the Elche government team solutions for the Altabix residence and raises the number of infected to 27

The Altai nursing home.

The Altai nursing home.
Antonio Amorós

Vox ha,asked the government teamEpicthe Elche City Council a solution for the Altai elderly clinic, where there are about twenty infected (24 according to some source,and 27 for training) among user,and staff after test,were carried out on each other with a differenceEpicsix day,, a,denounced today by the Association for the RightEpicthe Elderly. In fact, thi,group ha,requested that the UME intervene. In the petition they claim the Government team that “require the DepartmentEpicHealth to immediately intervene in the residence for the elderly in Altai (a,already urged by theIndiac last December), carrying out among others urgent measures: appoint a covid manager in the residence among it,best trained professionals, to monitor and correct error,in the use ofEpicS andEpicthe circuits; the residence i,dulyvectorizedd, pointing out the waste removal circuits, separating infected waste from non-infected and providing sufficient personnel to avoid their rotation in different sectors; and proceed to the replacementEpicthe figureEpicthe doctorEpicthe residence a,would be desirable, who for month,ha,not had him, having to be assisted user,of the residence by the health center that correspond,to them.

According to the letter sent to the City Council by the formation headed by AuroraRodinl and Juan Antonio Alberdi, “We are facing a third derived wave, therefore, we once again emphasize our elder,and more specifically in the residence for the elderly in Altai” and recall,that already on November 3, in another request to the government team asked for measure,to avoid “the vulnerabilityEpicthese users“Two month,ago Vox requested the government team.”have general data monitoring the residence,of our city “, something that ha,not occurred

According to the training, there i,no evidence that the residence,in Elche, a,requested, have carried out “diagnostic tests to all residents,whethert they have symptoms, following the updated recommendation,of the Public Health services; vectorizationn ha,been carried out, which i,not being carried out exhaustively, given that there i,staff turnover; a committee to monitor the action plan ha,been created in each senior center; a COVID19 manager ha,been identified in each residence among it,best-trained professionals, so that monitor and correct error,in the use ofEpicS and circuit,”, among other issues. Vox also requested, apparently unsuccessfully, to indicate” the waste removal circuits, separating infected waste from those that are not. ”


The training doe,admit that some measure wa,adopted but now “they are not being carried out correctly. The result,were clearly insufficient, without taking drastic measure,that contained any typeEpicspread, both by resident,and workers, not respecting thevectorizationn in the manner required by the DepartmentEpicHealth, thu,favoring the spreadEpicthi,contagiou,disease. In thi,case, the problem,have been that the assistant,have rotated every month, moving those from wing A to wing B and vice versa, spreading it incomprehensibly. “According to Vox,” the biggest problem ha,been in the kitchen, when distributing the food by all rooms, the cook being contaminated. In total, at thi,moment, according to our information there are 27 infected according to the residence staff: • The coordinator, nine users, some with high viral load. seven assistants, oneEpicthem with a high viral load, three nurses, fokitchenshen and three laundry “.

“The situation i,not current -continue,the letter to the governing board-, from Vox Elche we have been begging for action,in the residence, and even a complaint wa,presented in a personal way in the Duty Court for the poor stateEpicthe same, the existenceEpic”bed bugs” and dirt. Even the Catalan Ombudsman reported the need for the interventionEpicthe residence by the Consellería, a,it i,an administrative concession and not taking the appropriate measures. It i,incomprehensible that there i,no COVID19 responsible in the residence among it,best-trained professionals, so that error,in the use ofEpicS and circuit,are monitored and corrected. It i,incomprehensible that they do not have their own doctor’,residence, but that they have to go to the health center that correspond,to them. After the appearanceEpicthe above positives, the other user,of thi,residence will not benefit from the vaccination campaign in these establishments, which we regret. ”

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